Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and Her Gay BF: Pubic Hair Debate, Pheromones, Recycling Unwanted Sex Toys, Bisexual Men, Erectile Dysfunction

This Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and her gay BF episode talks about a lot of interesting things pertaining to sex and sex toys. 

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All about Pubic Hair 

A lot of people do shave their pubic hairs. Regardless if the purpose involves undergarments, hygiene or sex, people have their own means of shaving; whether they opt to shave every single strand or just simply trim it. 

A particular “pubic hair shaving” case was mentioned in the episode saying that red bumps appeared after shaving. Interesting advises like making use of aloe, lavender oil, fresh razors, trim first before shaving, and not wearing tight underwear was mentioned in the show. 


We cannot deny the fact that some people are attracted to scents. Such behavior is triggered by so called pheromone from which an individual’s secretion affects the behavior of the receiving individual. That’s why a lot of people don’t know why they just fall in love with the person instantly through its scent. 

As we age, pheromone decreases. Hence, those who were attracted from pheromones in the first place lose attraction gradually as they get older. 

Existence of Bisexual Men 

A New York Times article was mentioned in the episode that denotes existence of bisexual men. Bisexual men does exist; however, it was emphasized that no matter what type of sexuality you have, you are declared that way and no one can question that. 

My Partner Has E.D. 

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a person to make or sustain erection of penis during sexual intercourse. In the event your partner has similar problem, keep trying, be creative, and make use of sex toys designed to enhance erection or make use of prescribed drugs. 

Erectile dysfunction does not mainly pertain to physical capabilities of men. This may concern some physiological issues like prostate ailments, penis functionality, etc. 

Recycling Unwanted Sex Toys 

There was no case describing how to recycle used or unwanted sex toys. However, sex toys are known to be biohazard waste that should be disposed properly. 

Not all sex toys specify what they are made of but certainly, you won’t use sex toys that say “100% recyclable material”. 

Too Tight Syndrome 

Smaller, petite girls making love to big men -- though it is unimaginable, there are various ways to push through with sex like doing it via rear entry position or in any position that is comfortable, painless and safe for both parties. 

Remote Control Wireless Cock Ring 

This episode features Remote Control Wireless Cock Ring. This sex toy is incredible as through its remote control feature; one can control their male partner’s pleasure anytime, anywhere. 

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sex Toy Review | High Quality Bunny Enhancer Cock Ring – Great Low Price!

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Bunny Enhancer

High Cock Ring Quality – Great Low Price!

Here’s a naughty bunny that will have you both hopping!  This comfortable jelly cock ring stretches to accommodate your girth, and comes with a soft rabbit attachment that hugs a removable micro-vibrator for extra stimulation!  The bunny’s clit stimulating soft ears and head are the perfect way to bump up her pleasure while you plunge your cock home! 
- Stretchy jelly material
- Vented design helps cock ring stretch
- Removable vibrator
- Rabbit clitoral stimulator
There are so many ways to use this fun cock ring with vibrator!  Just slip on the comfortable jelly ring and with a touch the micro-vibrator comes to life!  If you want to use the cock ring without the vibrator, it slides right out of a specially-designed pocket.  Then you can thrust away as hard as you like with only soft jelly between you and your partner!  And while you’re working away downstairs, you can turn on the vibrator and use it separately from the cock ring to stimulate nipples, neck – any and all of your partner’s hot spots! 
And since not everyone’s orgasm is in sync, this handy sex toy comes with a finger-sized opening behind the rabbit clitoral stimulator.  Guide the vibrator or bunny alone with just a fingertip to warm up your partner past her boiling point! 
This bouncy bunny cock ring offers all the great support, stimulation, and quality of higher-priced cock rings at a value price.  So if you’re budget-minded, this sexy little cock ring makes a fun addition to your sex toy collection without breaking the bank. 
Since the vibrator is removable, cleaning your Bunny Enhancer Vibrating Cock Ring between uses is quick and easy.  Just set the vibrator aside and wash with mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner! 
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sex Tips for Sexy Minds

There are millions of queries concerning sex.  Whether it pertains to wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, gay or straight, or just simply a personal concern, sex doubts need not left unanswered.
We pointed out some sexual vexations below that would potentially give relief to those people who have similar concern.

Listen to the Sex Chat with Dr. Kat audio version HERE.

My Husband’s Mistress Is A Man

Lots of women are suffering from great devastation when they are cheated by their husband; but, what if the husband went out with another man.  It’s painful to be cheated by your partner but it would be more painful when the mistress you expected is actually “gay”. 
As the saying goes, if you ought to have a relationship with the gay kind, you are as well gay by nature.  Being gay isn’t bad at all, but lying to the person who loves and cares for you is painful. 
Indeed, not all are completely homosexual.  They can make love with a man and a woman at the same time.  The cheating and lying thing are the most vital concern here.  It’s like you actually cheated and lied of your sexuality at the same time. 
Some women may say it is better that the mistress issue should only involve women; but if the mistress is gay, it is more frustrating thinking that you are cheated and you married a homosexual.
The best thing to do is to be true.  If you really love a girl and you want to marry her but you are living dual sexuality, it is best to tell her the truth so she can love the complete you. 
Gay or straight, cheating is unacceptable.  If you are married and you want to be with someone else, take chance to initiate a formal breakup and file a divorce.   

Sex Toy Thief

“I want some sex toys.  I don’t have money so I stole some”
This could have been the motto of the previously broadcasted sex toy robber the other day.  He stole a truck, crash through a sex toy store and stoled one.
It is true that nowadays, sex toys are the most in-demand merchandise.  If you ought to have your own, there are a lot of ways to acquire some at lesser price.  Like those sex toys from AdamandEve.com from where you can just simply use a special offer code and you get the toy even at half of its price.

Anal Sex:  Real or Fake?

Some people thought those DVDs that shows how titillating and pleasurable anal sex are - are actually fake. Yes, they are porn stars alright and they are just doing their job.  However, anal sex does exist.  Thing is, some people enjoy it, some people don’t. 
Anal sex can be painful at first and it requires muscle relaxation and lubes so you can survive the first time ache.  Hence, if you want to have that backdoor play now, make sure you really want to do it and keep with you a good kind of lube.

Straight People on Gay Clubs

Can a “straight” individual hangout in gay clubs?
Yes of course.  However, if you are gay and you want to tag along a straight friend, you should consider asking your friend if he or she is comfortable in hanging out on gay clubs.
There are special considerations gay people opt to hangout on those places where they can relate.  Even so, if you want to go out with a straight friend, it is best to hangout on those places where you can both enjoy and associate.
However, if you are straight but you opt to accompany a gay friend on a gay club, you can invite another straight friend so you can have someone who can keep you company or better yet, don’t go.

Adult DVDs – Keep Relationships Alive

Numerous couples use adult DVDs to make relationship hot and fresh.  However, there are others who arent comfortable watching porn videos.
If you want your partner to watch porn videos with you as you believe this will potentially make your sexual moments hotter and enticing, talk to him or her and be honest about your plans.  If he or she agrees, lucky you; If not, respect your lover’s decision.

I Have No Orgasm!

A lot of girls have problem having orgasms.  Though they are engaged with some sexual activity, most of them execute fake orgasms. 
If you do have problems with orgasms, take chance to do the following:
·         Talk with your partner about it so you can find a way hitting your climax.
·         Explore special sex positions.
·         Masturbate or make use of sex toys.
·         Consult with a medical professional or a sex therapist.

Playing with Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls are one of the most popular sex toy in the sex toy industry.  Beyond satisfaction and pleasure, they are known for its durability and strength.
The best thing about ben wa balls is that you can use them on ways more pleasurable to you.  You can just put it in, pop it out and carry it with you almost anywhere.
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