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Cameron Diaz Loves Porn

A lot of people loves porn, including Cameron Diaz. Checkout below on how the awesome actress reveals it to Jimmy Kimmel.
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Cameron Diaz, she came out she was on Jimmy Kimmel saying how she loves porn.

"I love porn!" she exclaimed. Cameron went on to talk about how easy it is to order porn on the sly in hotels. ~hufftingtonpost~

She said she digs it and she actually apparently spends lots of time in hotels because she digs the way that they discretely bill you’re credit card like Dirty Ranch Boys. 

"You know what I love about hotels? How discreet they are," she said. "They always give you that little thing at the bottom - ”Your room will be charged the same as any other room, no titles will be used.'" ~hufftingtonpost~ 

She goes to say apparently she in Play Boy last year, they caught her saying – She loves travelling for cock. She’s hyping her new movie “Bad Teacher”, who smokes pot, gets lathered up at a car wash in Daisy Dukes. She just happens to come with all this bad things. 

How Safe is Inserting Things into the Anus? 

Sex Question: 
Jeff asks. “Can males do damage by inserting toys into their anus? I used to this a lot but stops because of several scares. Once I’m very lubed up, I inserted a ping pong ball. It was the most intense orgasms ever and I honestly shot over 6 feet. However, I really have a hard time forcing the ping pong ball out. Fortunately, I was able to by sitting on the toilet but it was tough. Also another time I’ve had a microscopic amount blood on my urine, after several tests and some type of scope down my penis. I was told it was just an infection and cleared it up with antibiotics. Question: I usually wash toys with soap after use, is that good enough? Is it safe practice? I never force object or things that hurt and were always well-lubed. Thanks.”

ROSS: So Jeff, never put anything off your ass unless it has a handle or a string. 

KAT: That is exactly the advice that he’s gonna get. If you cannot retrieve it easily, meaning that there is… the whole point of not using everyday objects. There’s a whole taboo thing with that, that’s what they want to do, just buy a fucking sex toy that is designed for this sort of thing. 

ROSS: Or go to the grocery and get a freaking zukini or something long enough. 

KAT: About the whole thing about the blood in his urine thing, I was wondering if he’s inserting something in his uriture tube because some guys do it as well. 

ROSS: Obviously, he had a some little bit of infection which has nothing to do with his question which is about washing your toys after use. Yes, soap and water is generally enough, or hot water, or antibacterial soap. 

KAT: And if you wanna to one step further, there are actually like sex toy cleaning soap. Anyway, if you want you can go to and they do have under the novelty section which is not really a novelty but it’s a sex toy cleaning solution because it also helps maintain whatever material like using whatever sex toy. It helps maintain that too. And, there are other sex toys too which you have to read the labels and everything but you can actually put them in the dish wash to get sanitized. 

ROSS: The thing is you don’t want to clean it, you want to make it’s dry before you put it away if you’re putting it in the container and also, don’t take 5-10 minutes to clean your toy and them throw them on a dirty dusty floor. 

KAT: You know you do it, you know you do it. Or just not clean it at all.

ROSS: It’s like you go gonna get it and there’s a penny sticking on it. It’s like, just clean it off. 

KAT: Or the Kleenex just starts cleaning it with just kleen, and it just dry in to it. That’s lovely. That does also inhibit to them to use it quickly the next time. The whole thing about we talk about either buying little one of those lubes sack or the sugar sacks to put them in or cleaning them then putting surround wrap around them. You wanna be able to use this usually in kind of quick manner you wanna have to rewash them all the time. Anyway, the anal inserting that can be totally safe but you just have to be able to know your limits and have a good way to retrieve. I would say personally you can get away from objects completely do that, buy some sex toys where you can go to the anal toys thing on Adam & Eve, all of those are designed to be retrievable.

ROSS: Right. They have handle or big hacking balls that are gonna stop on your butt. 

KAT: That is right. And who doesn’t want that. 

ROSS: Me. No, I do. We’ll be right back after a quick 30 seconds break from our sponsor

What's The Best Way To Shave My Pubic Hair? 

Sex Question:
Andy asks. ”What is the best way for a guy to shave his pubic hair? I’ve tried various methods but what would you recommend? I like the shape, feel, and look but get nervous when using a razor down there especially around hairy balls, I’ve tried … but it seems to burn and the area is very sore and tender afterwards. Also, how can I convince my wife to save her pubic area? She’s very hesitant to try it.” 

ROSS: The thing is obviously, you don’t read labels because in the area tell you to do not use it near your genitals, anything that has mucus membrane. 

KAT: Which tend to be very sensitive, so anytime there’s something that involves random chemicals not a good mix. 

ROSS: A couple of things, what is the best way or what way to do we recommend it? It’s actually; whatever works for you, I guess maybe the best way is get a wax. You can go; you can have it done for you that are probably the best way. They’re getting it done by professionals. There are using lovely warmed wax. It kind of a little shock at first if it comes off with a little action. 

KAT: Exactly. We have to try it and see. 

ROSS: Waxing is probably one of the bio-professional, probably one of the best.

KAT: There’s one time I waxed myself I looked like I was rape. It wasn’t that pretty. It’s like totally bruised. It was not good. Anytime you are using number 1; use fresh razor.

ROSS: Fresh razor, safety razor. 

KAT: Also, there are couples of suggestions. Other suggestions for women, use male razors, apply warm water first and even put some conditioner on the hair. That also helps to soften the hair too with the warm water. So try that as well. It sounds like he’s tried various methods but, usually once you’ve tried one or two you’ll find the one works for you. Whether trying a couple of razors, some guys just like to do the closed rim with the electric razors, possibility too. 

ROSS: Sack it up. Save up. Go to the professionals and see how they do with the waxing and shaving and watch intensely and take note in your head and then try it with yourself and see the professional does it too. If you like the results and then maybe try to duplicate it at home. Give her a birth certificate and take her where you are going and see if she bites. 

KAT: Absolutely. Who knows while she’s hesitant, you don’t really mentioned I don’t know if maybe she’s just feel self consciousness about it or maybe she’s thrilled about the idea of having too much razor action down there. 

ROSS: I’ve shaved my chest once I don’t have a lot of hair but you know it comes back. Who the hell wants that? 

KAT: There’s a method though like I have one way I shave for 7 years now that it’s not completely bared but it’s my method. Once it starts doing it, it takes 2 minutes and you know… You have to find kind of what works for you and I think if she’s willing to experiment then great. Do the gift certificate things, you could always you know for fun like you’re on the shower one time, make sure you’re paying attention. You gotta be very gentle with one another but see if she’s up for that and ultimately if she’s not into it, she’s not into it. 

ROSS: Maybe start shaving, I guess everything’s clipping, maybe you could start with her clipping like you know, babies off. 

KAT: Anyway, if that seems like a little more fun and noble, I think it still out there you can check it out on Adam & Eve for it. Might be an option there, you’ll see.

The Secret to Whole Body Orgasms 

Sex Question:
Tim’s question. “My wife and I have been married for 30 years; I’m looking for new ways to satisfy her. She’s actually very happy, I continue to read about women having whole body orgasms and ejaculating. Is there something I can do to help him experience this?” 

KAT: You know Ross, this not just a squirting question. So, rest assured we’re not just gonna talk about… It’s all about squirting for people. He does ask about ejaculation and that have to do with that, which that means will cover that very briefly, targeting the G-spot for her. I suggest getting a G-spot toy for Adam & Eve, there tons of them you just need find one that you like and stimulate her with that. You’re gonna stimulate her beyond the point where she’s gonna feel like urinate a little bit if she can kind of make it through that sensation, that’s usually the G-spot orgasms happens. The whole body orgasm is kind of a whole other trajectory. A lot of people asks about that in relationship to tantric. People can achieve that through breathe work or some basic tantric exercises. It’s usually not like a quickie sort of thing it involves some crap and connection. She might not have even… The G-spot thing, she probably have a G-spot orgasms the first time she had that, might take 2 or 3 times to get used to that sensation to give it a shot. The whole body orgasm things really have to do with one another and the breath work and foreplay. 

ROSS: Is whole body orgasm; is it something that every woman can achieve? Is it something that scientifically proven that there’s such a thing you know sometimes like… 

KAT: I think it’s a matter of definition. It’s definitely not a clinical term. So, that’s actually a really great question, it has to do with kind of the increase intensity of orgasm and for some people who experienced whole body or tantric orgasms, they do report back. It’s a matter like individual how they were able to experienced it. They tend to be more intense, they tend to be more involve like more muscle rigidity through the body, they tend to last a little longer but it’s fairly subjective term, so you have to come in with experiment.

Gay Take/Straight Take Sex Toy Review: Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit 

KAT: Speaking of experimenting, the Gay Take/Straight Take toy of the week… 

ROSS: Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit. 

KAT: For the shock value. ROSS: So I saw the picture on the thing, on the website on I want to bite hand. It looks like naughty nurse in some emergency room with ACG pads on him; you have this guy in his little skimpy underwear. One thing that I know, I’m not an intellectual in play but I do have a sort of slight understanding about it and the one thing that I had always heard of is that you really don’t want to cross the heart with it. And the picture on there has it right acrss on either side of his chest. 

KAT: Right on his nipples. And I admit I’ve seen an amount of electro play like in sex club and things like that where they do a lot of nipple stuffs. So, I was thinking that the current must not be enough. 

ROSS: And it also reminds me of one of those things, it’s like wait a minute, remember the… like you can have like rock hard abs like the guy on the picture by electro stimulating them. 

KAT: Did you ever try that? That’s the freakiest thing ever. 

ROSS: But basically, now that it’s sitting in your closet collecting dust just take it out and move it on and crunch in your nipples.

KAT: Start out slow with the play. 

ROSS: Watch crossing, there’ something about crossing on the heart with it. 

KAT: I’m not saying a warning here on the side, I would probably have double check all that to be sure. 

ROSS: Just to be sure, just double check the battery. 

KAT: I don’t think so. It’s funny cause my husband when he was in Japan, before, he had been in to the bath house. Their base is like family bath houses. Their like family section. But anyway, these are interestingly that some of them actually had a little electro play areas. Within like even the family bath house that people would just do it just to play with the sensation that wasn’t just sexually. And so, that’s kind of interesting and if you just want to try it out. The thing with this is that you can change the ten settings; you can start out a little low. I have to admit, there is a time where I went to a sex conference and then that night we all went to sex club together like little field trip. I should take you there at one of these at one point. It’s actually really fun. They a have a little sample free room set up for us. It’s really fun. I had actually electro play thing and I did it on my forearm because that’s what I want. 

ROSS: I thought is just like everyone like, this one’s smells like cum, this one smell like spit musky ball. 

KAT: No. Basically, it’s just like they kind of like foot fetish… What I’m saying is that I don’t think I kind of like it at all but in low setting I could kind of see you know have it interesting, I’m not like hooking it up on my clit or anything. People want to brings out and try something new. I would like to thank anyone who joined us today for listening and thank you for subscribing to our podcast and if you have any question please submit it to us to: if also you get a chance, please review and rate podcast. 

ROSS: Yeah, everyone is a critic. So thumbs up, thumbs down, five stars, 1 star, and I will encourage you let us know what’s working and what’s not. 

KAT: You got it, thanks for being here.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sex Chat Sexiest Celebs

Checkout below one of the most awesome edition of Sex Chat with Dr. Kat with her Gay BF that features Sex Chat on Sexiest Celebs and more.

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Today, we are doing the special segment; we usually have our little media deal and, right now, just as People Magazine came out with their top 100 most beautiful people in the world. So, here at sex chat we actually are going to do a top 10 sexiest for both Ross and mine, my perspective.

ROSS: Ladies first.

KAT: We really curious if everybody out there is following us on Twitter and Facebook, feel free to give us feedback and tell us if we are wrong. On my list, some of them might be obvious some of them might be so obvious but I’m always a Jon Stewart fan. I love the brains. I love the fact that his a little bit older but he is still kind of got that voice and super sharp poet. And, I’m just a total pushover for that.

ROSS: Humor is sexy. Humor is very sexy.

KAT: It is. That, basically, pretty much if your funny you can get along way with a lot more.

ROSS: And, humor and brains that’s a winning combination.

KAT: Yeah, I can pretty much have my eyes close and I can probably end up with bed with you if you’re funny and smart.

ROSS: How can we have…

KAT: I’m sure my husband would love that.

ROSS: Mine too.

KAT: Exactly. Wait, What? How about you? Who’s next?

ROSS: Well, of course my number one soft spot is the power bottom in New York, Mr. Anderson Cooper.

KAT: That is the rumor. He is supposed to be the most prolific power bottom.

ROSS: Right, which is funny because a straight friend had to tell me that? Really? I’ve never heard that. But you know for me, his got it all. He’s got the pedigree. He certainly got the brains. And, he can be funny.

KAT: Well, totally I think he is.

ROSS: But, the combination with those blue eyes and the early salt and pepper. He is just yummy.

KAT: I think we should explain what power bottom to people is.

ROSS: Someone who can take it for hours.

KAT: He has a high tolerance to backdoor penetration. You know you’ll have to give it to Anderson Cooper in many levels.

ROSS: Right. Maybe he’s using products from

KAT: He might be, you know that a desensitizing lube. That you can put on.

ROSS: Anal lease, which I don’t want to recommend because you really kind of do want to know of what’s going on back there.

KAT: You definitely want to feel if you are really going beyond your bounds. You want to be well aware of that to communicate with your partner. And to all of Anderson Coopers lawyers, this is hearsay and it’s someone else’s opinion we’re just the tube, the vessel passing it on.

KAT: But we can’t help ourselves because we love him.

ROSS: Okay, it’s your turn.

KAT: Russell Brand, when I had first seen him, not really attractive to the look, but, I’m a total sucker. French-English accent, and, I read his book, Bookie Wook 1 and I haven’t read his Bookie Wook 2, yet. But it’s all his biography basically, and just freaking hilarious like super sharp way. He’s somebody who grow up on PBS, well, the BBC reruns on PBS faulty towers and black outer. And I like the fact that his incredibly straight but he plays with his sexuality. He’s okay with the eye makeup and the boas and you know from Bookie Wook 2, he talks about he was going out and basically doing like a day in the life. Kind of like the Jinx stuff, MTV stuff. He’s doing that in England and basically following this homeless guy for a while. And there’s this whole thing about how apparently that homeless guy tried to give him a hug in bathroom. It confirmed how straight he was.  You know what I mean, for him willing to talk about that shit, I love it.

ROSS: There’s a weakness for you. You know what; I am straight because there’s a homeless guy who is not gonna give me a hug. And you know, that could probably turn this guy.

KAT: Right, that might do it.

ROSS: See Russell Brand, he’d have to be faced down. Definitely stepping out of the shower and find him a little bit greasy and just not my thing

KAT: You are right and the thing that he and Katy Perry, I like the idea of Katy Perry but funny enough I get on the surface why they can’t go together they both got that crazy brushed styles sort of thing. But, I don’t know I actually see him as being incredibly intelligent and her, not so much.

ROSS: Interesting. She’s actually on my list. She’s one of the women in my list. I actually do dig Katy Perry, she has kissed a girl. Her music is really fun, I don’t think she making it out to be anything more than what it is. It’s fun. It’s catchy. It’s fun and I think she’s pretty sexy, actually.

KAT: Okay, I’ll let you have that one. I’ll take Russell, you take Katy. Who’s next?

ROSS: No particular order, Gilles Marini.

KAT: Would you have to educate me on this?

ROSS: Brothers and Sisters, he was actually dancing at Dancing with the Stars for a while. He’s a French hot just incredibly swarthy sexy man. Interestingly enough on Brothers and Sisters, he plays an underwear model which I guess it is so great.

KAT: Old standby, Lenny Kravitz , hot black man just very row sexuality. I’d take a role in hay with him any day.

ROSS: Little piercing, little leather pants, no shirt. Yeah, he was really…

KAT: You cannot go wrong there.

ROSS: Probably the number one in the women probably Scarlett Johansson. Ever since back on the Coen brothers’ movie The Man That Wasn’t There. I think that’s one of the movies I remember her being in. It’s like who is this girl? She was maybe 16 years old but she plays sort of…

KAT: The sensuality that’s in her cells. You know what I mean, it’s like it oozes it.

ROSS:  She gonna over play it sometimes you know in certain situations. I’ve seen her pictures, you know she’s trying so hard but it’s naturally there. There’s something about her that’s naturally sexy. She was very voluptuous. And speaking of which, the People Magazine: The 100 Most Beautiful People we started talking about who are sexy, there is a difference with me between beautiful and sexy. Like Angelina Jolie, is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world, I get nothing sexy about her. It’s like sex, you know what I mean?

KAT: Yeah, I get it. It doesn’t appeal to me. You know what I mean.

ROSS: It’s a personal observation, it’s just that matters for me.

KAT: And another celebrity couple, Ryan Reynolds. About his personality he is self deprecating he doesn’t take himself so seriously.

ROSS: Yes, the jaw. The eyes, the abs, but still comes across as a convincing every man which is very sexy.

KAT: Did you ever seen him waiting?


KAT: Oh my God! It’s like total bee movie, whatever, it lost of fat and humor and everything. But, he holds it and he’s comedic timing and it sense of just fun. Totally comes off on that. That’s a good set of abs in your set.

ROSS: Anyone else? Let’s see who else I have. I have a okay new one, So I’m a big fan of Glee and they introduced a new character on the show, we don’t know if it’s a love interest of Kirk or not. Kirk goes to a neighboring all boys school and meets a very out a very confident gay boy man. Boy in the show, man in real life his name is Darren Criss. He’s freaking adorable, he’s so sexy and interesting is I went to to check him out a little bit. On Glee he’s very clean cut short hair and in they have pictures of him with this sort of long lacious curly hair, its like, bring the girls back he is adorable.

KAT: Hopefully somebody from Glee is listening out there; right bring the girls back on Glee. I saw the picture with a curls, he’s cute on the show.

ROSS: Your up.

KAT: Okay, a couple of quickies. John Krasinski against the boyishness and sweet. Gwen Stefani I just think she’s just her confidence and the fact that she can still integrate kind of her being a mother and still being sexy and out there on cutting edge, slashing. And, also Cristina Aguilera I also love the way she always embraced her sexuality and talk about some bisexual proclivities whether she was married or not. I really like the fact that she’s confident enough to talk about it with the media too. And, Ellen DeGeneres , I think she’s hot, ,maybe it’s her boyishness. Any last mentions here?

ROSS: I have a bunch. I’m just gonna list them again Brothers and Sisters Luke Macfarlane. He’s grown to me actually, when he first start I actually last night. He’s getting confident as an actor, as character, just he’s sexy. Cheyenne Jackson his a broadway baby, he actually did a little bit part on ugly betty as marks love interest, the guy with the baby that he met. The old spice man I forgot his name, Isiah something. Of course, Jake Gellynhaal, one of my all time favorite is always and forever. And Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer player, he’s hot like one package of muscle. For women, I have Scarlett, Katy Perry, Meagan Fox, and another one Helen Mirren, shes got that new movie coming out the unstoppable or retirables or whatever, just like the over the hill gang, she’s really hot. And Hugh Jackman, that was the one other one too again somebody his obviously embraces his feminine side. Everyone seems to like him too.

ROSS: And talent. Talent is sexy and Hugh Jack had it all he can act. He can sing, he can dance, you know, he’s just a nice package.

KAT: And again, Australian accent doesn’t hurt.
If you would like to weigh in and add to our list we would love it to be included to our future show. You can give us a call at 2132701968. Give us your top 5 and maybe in a couple of episodes we’ll include it and add them all together and see who will top our listeners list and put it all in the blog too or whatever. Go ahead and weigh in and let us know who you find is a Sex Chat Sexy.

Casual Sex

Sex Question:
Criss asked about not being ready settle down. “I have a girlfriend who I like and want to stay committed to but my problem is I just don’t feel satisfied with one girl. The only way I could think to put in is that I like holding her but I want to reach out with other girls as well. I feel as if I need more experience with more women before I should be in any kind of deeper relationship. By the way, I’ve already went to a divorce due to the same problem and I’m only 24. How do I tell the girl that I’ve been dating that I want more experience with other women? I hope this makes some kind of sense; I’ve been trying to figure it out myself for several years now. Thanks Dr.Kat, your podcast really helps by the way.”

KAT: Thanks Criss. Obviously, he knows exactly what needs to do.

ROSS: His saying it. He answers his own question.

KAT: He does. He’s somebody who needs to casually date if you’ve been a part through a divorce by 24. Obviously, the writing was on the wall from the very beginning.

KAT: He maybe hotwired as serial monogamist in theory, but in practice obviously he has a roaming eye. And, he knows he’s only 24 and he needs to experience the pleasures of other various women before he decides to settle down again. Here’s the tricky question which I’m gonna pass to you Dr.Kat, how do you approach that with his partner, with his girlfriend?

KAT: My main concern with someone like this is that rather than step up and have the conversation that he’d get into this whole deceit thing and figure, you know, I know I need some with it so to speak and I’m just gonna do whether I’m with someone or not. He might be somebody who’s actually really attracted to being in a companion at relationship which is lovely. It sounds like, why it is so difficult for him but it’s obvious that at least in this point of his life that he’s not ready to do the commitment thing. I would suggest this girlfriend that his got, lay it out on the line with her. Sit down and say exactly basically what he’d said in the question and realized he’s gonna hurt her feelings. There’s gonna be no way around that, probably. Well, she maybe out continue to casually date with him maybe but I think the more upfront someone like this can be the last drama he’s gonna get in. It’s gonna be a lot healthier.

ROSS: The deeper that he goes into the relationship, the more committed she might start to feel which is exactly the exact opposite of what he really wants to happen. And it’s kind of like the old key chain, if you love something set it free and if it loves you he’ll come back and love you forever. It was meant to be.

KAT: So, Criss give it a shot. I think it’s great that you’re being conscious in questioning that the quality of the relationship and your ability to commit and just up the antis and set down with her, lay it on the line, tell her all the great things about her, open up a conversation about that but then, obviously if you want to continue dating her just be upfront because I think that’s gonna be a lot easier for everybody down the road.

Penetration Purgatory

Sex Question:
Charles wants to know about penetration. “My wife and I are both 66, we married in August of 2010. She told me she wasn’t a sexual woman, I am very sexual. Last night, she said she’d love me and love everything except penetration. I don’t have a big member so I know I’m not hurting her but when we did it, she more and less just laid there. Now I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do. I love her, I’m enjoying making love to her but I’m totally lost. Do you have any advice?”

ROSS: It is a problem. I’m torn because on one hand I sympathized with you Charles because obviously, you want to make love to this woman. You love her very deeply and you just married on the other hand, she was very upfront with him at first, the fact that she even told you that she wasn’t a sexual woman may have been a red flag to start with. But, that aside you are now on this relationship so, how do you move forward. You have to talk with her. You know, conversation, communication is everything.

KAT: Totally key and especially with them being newlywed. This is the time that they’re gonna eat together. I don’t care if they’re 66 or 26, the point is when you’re in a relationship there’s first couple of years together is all about foundation. It’s building a foundation of communication and trust and the ability to talk about these difficult steps. The longer you wait to broached those subjects, I can guarantee you the less likely you’re gonna be to bring her up later on. Talk about it at first. I would also say during the conversation with her, she’s 66 which means she’s obviously on post menopausal I would also, if she’s interested in maybe becoming more sexual which is gonna be after her and what works for you guys. Go in, get a medical work up, have the hormones look at, she might need some tweaking with getting on hormones or there’s even some natural path and steps she could be doing. I see a lot of women really avoid penetration once their post menopausal because they don’t lubricate enough. So break out the lube, just be willing to give it a shot and see if gets better for her

ROSS: Start with a list of what she does like she’s not a very sexual person. Well, you know maybe have her do a list of the likes the most and the things that I like the least.

KAT: And maybe she could be into oral sex and granted, I know you’re on the penetration Charles and hopefully you still got your opportunity to get in there but there are other ways to supplement.

ROSS: Exactly, and if she’s willing to play around with him as if were, maybe she doesn’t like the penetration she’ll give an oral sex, she’ll give a hand job. And maybe, if he wants a penetration here’s a plug;, one word for you Charles, flashlight.

KAT: True. Little masturbation toy it’s basically a pocket pussy and looks like you can get it in different forms. Sometimes you can get like ass holes, or velvets, lips, whatever you would like. It’s usually a really nice complement. If you want penetration, and it’s not happening with your partner so look up flashlights on, check out also the lubes page there too and talk to your wife and see if maybe you can get any work up and see if there’s any other way to switch stuff around.

ROSS: And the list, turn your back on her it’s like what she’s interested in and also within that list, what she’d might be interested in exploring.

KAT: Absolutely makes lot of fun and moves to pressure. Thanks a lot, Charles.

Hand Jobs Only

Sex Question:
Rick is having an issue with orgasms. “I have trouble reaching orgasms when having sex with my wife. More often in that we have to finish with her giving me a lube assisted hand job. I have no trouble masturbating myself to orgasms, any suggestions?”

KAT: This is actually fairly commented that for whatever reason there are some men, whether it’s performance anxiety. Sometimes, it’s physiological nature but usually tends to be more mental issue to this guy that they can’t seem to come with penetration, kind of another penetration oriented question.

ROSS: Much like women can’t come to orgasm. A lot of women can’t come to orgasm with penetration as well.

KAT: Exactly. Good job Ross.

ROSS: I’m learning.

KAT: You are. With women, it’s the fact that the clitoris sometimes just doesn’t get enough action. And for him it maybe just be who knows, if it’s in his head a little disconnected and not being present during sex. He might have a hard time concentrating to get to orgasm.

ROSS: Yup. And you know one thing; little flag for me here is he says he has -- no problem masturbating myself. Rick, if you’re masturbating a lot or you masturbate the same you all the time, suddenly you’re training yourself. That’s the only way you gonna get off. When it comes to your wife it’s like, well, her vagina isn’t your fist gripping and loosening.

KAT: And knowing the exact spot to touch and how quick, and yeah, you’re absolutely right. For him to experiment with that a little bit, talk to his wife see if how open she is. Maybe there’s some other thing Q’s and things like watch some porno while having sex. Maybe she just need some little extra push to really get arouse and go to completion. The good thing here is that it does sound like he’s getting off even if it has to be.

ROSS: He’s definitely does having either by his own hand or the hand of hers. The other thing is don’t stop masturbating that’s not the point but if you’re doing it one way try it with other hand, try it with a toy, have your wife jerk you off which sounds she was doing all of that. And maybe, she jerks him off to almost to completion and then he inserts…

KAT: That’s right. It could be the timing issue that’s great. So the main thing Rick is just expand the perpetual mix it up a little bit, more than likely you either you gonna find other ways you orgasms or at the very least maybe having start having consistent with penetration with your wife.

ROSS: There you go. What fun homework is this. Go have orgasms Rick. Go have orgasms everyone.

KAT: I’d guarantee you this would be a much happier world if everyone had an orgasm a day.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black Swan Oral Scene, Longer Erections, Fat People Sex, 7 Function Remote G Bullet, Cyberskin Stroker

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Black Swan: Natalie Portman - Mila Kunis Lesbian Oral Sex Scene

There’s a little oral controversy between the two movies; The Black Swan which is in theater now and Blue Valentine. The Black Swan is the ballet movie starring Natalie Portman and Wynona Rider, and Mila Kunis – who’s getting all of the awards or the nominations; a backstabbing sort of the life in the ballet theater or in ballet world. And, Blue Valentine, which is Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The controversy is, each have oral sex scene, female oral sex scene. The controversy is that when Black Swan came up for review, this is “R” rated movie. And then when it came up for review of the board, Blue Valentine came up as an NC-17 which is a kiss of death.

People don’t know that NC-17 is basically equivalent of an “X”; it greatly vastly limits the way that you can advertise your movie because newspapers around the country will not allow on an AD to be run for NC-17. Part of the controversy is that, Blue Valentine is more of an indie versus Black Swan which is major released, big budget. When the ratings came down Black Swan got the “R” and originally a couple of weeks ago Blue Valentine got, NC-17. And, it’s almost unprecedented from what I understand to have a ratings changed without the movie being altered in some way. Blue Valentine got their rating reversed. They’ve interviewed the director, the actors and, no one really knows why the MPAA (The Classifications and Ratings Board) number one; gave that rating, everyone’s in total conjecture, and number two; no one really knows why it got reversed the fact that there’s a legal wrangling happening in the back. And didn’t it come out sort of that the scene in Blue Valentine the reason that it went to NC-17 is that it’s way more believable, it’s more authentic.

The way that two scenes are set-up; Black Swan which is the rated “R”, takes place after a party scene, there’s all these high end ballerinas which Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis play. There’s a party scene where they get out of hand with drugs and alcohol. Basically, when it comes to for both of these scenes for both Black Swan and Blue Valentine is that neither of them did involve in nudity. The filming is all in furred. It’s all in furred sexuality. Neither both of them didn’t show anything. When it comes to Black Swan, that scene is shown in filmed like that it supposed to be kind of surreal and sort of drag and deuced feeling between the two women. And then, the other one, Blue Valentine, is a couple Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, just been being very real and apparently it was deemed more authentic and done in a one shot, one scene ended up more authentic.

Ryan Gosling said that, “Obviously, the board finds it more threatening for male/female oral sex versus two girls getting it on, because they might actually have to perform it with their wives.”

So, we’ll see it soon. It got reversed. We’ll look forward to seeing those make their way, make their rounds.   

Getting Your Wife To Watch Porn

Sex Question:

Daven wants to know about sharing porn with his wife. “I’m into porn and have haven since I was a teen and when I married my wife. I was up front with it and she asked me to stop. She viewed it as wrong with a little bit of jealousy. I did for her. But after the first year to 18 months, I started looking again behind her back. It’s been like that for the past three and a half years. And I really like to share this incredibly stimulating media with her but I’m not sure how bring it up without causing relationship war 3, any advice?”

KAT: So, interesting. Some guys really like to keep their porn taboo. Like, they don’t want their partners to have anything to do with it. They want to keep it in a nice little compartmentalized. You know, this is my taboo I’m gonna go jerk off and it’s mine.

ROSS: The affair that they’re having with their mind and their right hand.

KAT: I think it’s actually refreshing that Daven, wants to include his partner. And, I think that’s actually really nice way, I believe if you can to integrate as much of your sexuality as you can with your partner. I think taboos are great. Don’t get me wrong. They serve their purpose and if it helps create more fantasies further, and it can actually lead to more sex within the relationship when you masturbate even if you’re doing it on your own. So, I think that bodes well.

ROSS: That’s a positive. The way that I looked at it though, I’ll take the other side here. It’s like, okay so, but she’s not into it. She’s a little bit jealous which is, probably something that she needs to look at, regardless because if you’re jealous about porn there’s probably deeper insecurities going on there. But, at the same time I understand it. What do you say? Maybe you know, you’re in to like pissing on feet and I’m not. So, you know who’s right or who win? Where’s the compromised?

KAT: Yeah, his side of his. You know he’s been doing it since he was a teen. He was at front with her and she’s asking him. I think little women say, it’s wrong, I’m jealous. They don’t realizing their asking the other person in particularly in this case, the guy to change his entire sexuality. You know, you’re asking someone to change their entire erotic template. Whatever erotic template they came into the relationship with, it’s really difficult to change what turns us on.

ROSS: And I guess, here can we assume that they’re still having, that their sex life is still great? Because, one thing that maybe out of the equation or maybe that she can’t time in on as that we’re not having as much sex because he’s watching porn and jerking off.

KAT: And maybe so, we haven’t heard from her that might be the case.

ROSS: Because, I imagine, that’s one of the pitfalls of watching porn or watching too much porn is that some of the time that you might be spending with your partner in the sexual way, you’re actually spending with yourself and the television.

KAT: It can be really positive outlet and also just like anything else, just like eating too much christmas candy. You know what I mean. There can be too much of it when start putting all of your energy towards that, that doesn’t leave anything to your part.

ROSS: So, back to the last part of the question. How does he bring it up without causing world war 3?

KAT: Exactly. I think there’s a couple of things here to Daven to maybe look at the relationship, step back and really look at her perspective on this just like you mention. And do, just bring it up with her; just say that this is the issue I came in to the relationship. You put this, probably not gonna change. We can have a don’t ask, don’t tell sort of moment.

ROSS: Right. Create their perimeters.

KAT: Or, because I really do want to show it with you. But, I don’t know how clear he was with her that he would actually integrate her in to the play. Just say -- Come on mind with me for 5 or 10 minutes. Let’s find something that maybe you were interested in.

ROSS: There you go. I think that is probably, keep finding something that might turn her on or might spark her inches. Hopefully, it’s going to be gay porn.

KAT: Gay porn is the best porn.

ROSS: I’m telling you.

KAT: They got the best looking guys.

ROSS: I know, they have no hair, they have no zilch. And the biggest cocks ever.

KAT: It’s true. It’s amazing. Women out there, I always tell them like go check out the gay porn. Because, two guys getting it on, it’s totally hot. If you haven’t exposed to that, that’s your homework for this week women. I don’t care how straight you are. I mean the guys too, obviously. In particular for women, because I think a lot of women really have a little more openness to it. And if they can explore that, the men are way better looking and it’s hotter.

ROSS: Not that there’s anything wrong with straight porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

KAT: Sometimes, the guys need a little something left to be desired. Not all of them, but some of them. I would probably gonna get some like gay porn king or some straight porn guy who calls in and saying that…

ROSS: Bring it on. Show us some stuff. Show us what you’ve got.

KAT: That’s it. So Daven, I would just say -- number 1; I wouldn’t avoid relationship world war 3, because, I think that by itself you might be pleasantly surprise if you brooch the subject when things aren’t hot and heavy, when things are okay between two of you, and tell her that you want her to be happy and that is an option and if it’s not then you’ll just slit sleeping dog flies so to speak.

ROSS: There you go, so just hide the towel.

KAT: Make sure you recycled the…

We’ll be right back after 30 second break from our sponsor 

Best Sex Positions For Fat People

Sex Question:

Arron is wondering about chubby sex. “Hello! My wife and I are a bit on the chubby side. And, I want to know what would be some good sex positions to try.”

KAT: Thank you for your time. That was so into the point.

ROSS: There you go, we love that. So, chubby sex, you know, I’m imaging the first thing that comes in to my mind to is from the backdoor. Rare entry is good and, this is what I would suggest and try putting her at the age of the bed and spread her legs wide and then, the door is wide open. And, you kind a get right in there I think and do your thing and, kind a makes it little easier for everyone.

KAT: Absolutely, I think that it’s great that they’re exploring things and trying to figure out better and fun ways to connect regularly and figured ably. And, I think you’re right, the rare entry position, even standing position.

ROSS: That could work.

KAT: But rare entry standing. And also you kind of a like water play, like you got a big bath tub or jackousy, or sometimes the pool the floatation. The water can create great sensations and little less focus on the weight. And, also there are couple products out there that I’ve talked about a client to engage in chubby sex. The one is called the liberator, have you heard about this? There actually like sex cushions, like sex furniture’s what they call, then there wedges, there like different shapes. If you saw the first Meet the Fockers, where you know she’s a sex therapist, Barbara Streisand. She actually uses them. I think there on Pretty sure but basically cushions made to get in different positions and I found with people who have limited mobility like disability, age, or size. It just gives you more option and creates more comfort.

ROSS: Is it something that actually kind of like forces your pelvis or something in to it, comfortable position that you can keep it in like sort of pleasant itself a little easier to your partner.

KAT: It actually got probably different shape, at least. And, you can use them and then make suggestions with them when you get the shape material of what you can do to try it out.

ROSS: When I was in college, they call them Hush Bonds. You remember the hush pillows that had a little arm.

KAT: Pillows with arms is really disturbing.

ROSS: It’s not really arms; it’s just a big pillow with like two little arms so you can put all your back or you put all your elbows up when you’re reading your book. The girls call them Hush Bonds.

KAT: Okay I just got educated. I have no Idea. The other options are the Sex Swings, Love Swings. Find a good place to mount it. That would be probably the good thing to do first. Basically, you can swing around; you can definitely get in to position you normally wouldn’t be able to.

ROSS: Fulfill that trapeze fantasies.

KAT: The Cirque de Soule.

ROSS: Look, I’m flying.

KAT: and I think Love Swings is probably the main manufacturer of those on two. You can check them out too as well.

ROSS: Awesome. The final position I’m thinking maybe also on the side, right, like the Spider.

KAT: Yeah, like spider ring. You’ve got maybe can on the side with the legs kind of woven through one another. That’s a really good option too. And lube also helps too because have enough friction sometimes it can feel like it’s difficult to get in position. Good luck with that Arron.

How to Stay Hard Longer

Sex Question:

Jeff is concerned about staying hard. “My wife and I have been happily married since high school for 27 and half years. We’ve always have a great sex life until the last 3 years; she said she has no problem with it but I do. I just don’t last as long as I used to and it bothers me. I’m 45 and she’s 43 years old. I have no problem with getting an erection at anytime, it just doesn’t last long. We have a great deal of foreplay but what can I do so that I know she’s truly satisfied. I have tried creams and they don’t seem to do any good.”

KAT:  The creams don’t work. It’s doesn’t matter what cream, what supplement.

ROSS: Right. Even the supplement, they still advertise it on TV. That’s all ashamed.

KAT: Yeah, totally. None of it works.

ROSS: My first advice came back in the day when share was touting; she was working for some gym. I forget which one. She said, “If you came with a pill, everyone would take it.” It comes in the pill and it’s called Viagra… I would say go to your doctor and get a sample of each, see which one of might work for you because those will keep you hard.

KAT: You will not have a problem with that.

ROSS: Exactly. And if your erection last more than 4 hours, call me.

KAT: Absolutely, there’s a reason why Viagra works and as long as you are getting it and on the open up way go in to your doctor and tell him on your issue and keep little dude…

ROSS: Speaking of which, the disclaimer write if you have a any sort of a heart medication that includes any nitrates, do not take any Viagra or other supplements.

KAT: Right. That’s true. Go to a doctor. Get a medical work out. Make sure there’s nothing else going on. What’s going on, it’s getting me on erections quickly so that he tells me that it works. It’s just a matter of sustaining. It does just happen for some guys but, most men by the time they get to 40s or 50s. You fall down a little bit with the erection or maintaining them or getting them. That’s not uncommon, that’s part for the course. The great thing is it sounds like you have a wonderful sex life and you’ve been with your wife, forever, which is great. And, there are a couple of other options to if you want to makes it up or not, take Viagra every single time. Cock rings; keep the blood on the penis.

ROSS: Right! Tie it up and lock it down. Then the other part of the question towards the end that I just want to bring it quickly, if she’s truly satisfied and so you might mind head games yourself too once you start to get into that. You know, dog teasing the tail thing. That does not gonna good to you on your hard on.

KAT: He actually even said that it bothers him more than his wife it sounds like. I think it sound you already know she’s probably satisfied. You guys can have a conversation and confirm that. Ask her. And get a cock ring with a clitoral simulator on it.

ROSS: Exactly. And who knows she might come back and say. It sounds like she’s not having a problem. It’s like maybe she should love of that hard for that long. Get her rough by your tongue or your hand or toy.

KAT: It could totally work for anything that’s in it. You got to have a whole concept that you got to have this crazy whole quality sex thing that’s gonna last for like hours and you have to be multiply orgasmic. Sometimes, a quick fuck is totally fine, it’s great so mix it up.

ROSS: To go back to our previous question again, one drawback or negative about porn is sometimes it does idealized.

KAT: It’s true. You got to have looked at it with reasonable eyes.

ROSS: Like, you got to look at this guy he’s been hard in the scene for about 28 minutes and it’s still hard but what they don’t show is the cutting, flopping, the Viagra taking. Put it on perspective. That’s reality us well.

KAT: It sounds like you guys are on the right track. Have a conversation with your wife. Get the medical work out and explore the cock simulator ring.

Sex Toys Review: Adam & Eve Waterproof 7 Function Remote G Bullet and Adam & Eve Cyberskin Stroker Triplets

Our featured toy of the week on the Gay Take/ Straight Take toy front is the Adam & Eve Seven Function Remote G-Bullet.

ROSS: I love it. Not 6 functions, not 8. It’s seven, the magic lucky seven.

KAT: Seven levels of haven. The thing that I like about this toy g-spot focus, which g-spot simulation works on a lot better if you got a toy that’s focus on it. It’s hands-free. Lock and load.

ROSS: I love that. Can you imagine like – Honey, will you change the channel. Oops! Wrong remote. It could start something though.

KAT: It’s true. That’s the really fun thing about this toy with the remote toys and stuff is that, between couples you can really have a little bit of power play. Like who holds the power. Who’s gonna control the pleasure. The cool thing too is it’s waterproof and what I think is adorable it has a retrieval cord and carrying strap. You can put it on a key chain. Just make sure you clean it before you use it. Don’t switch.

Anyway, seven amazing speeds, seven amazing functions that’s the suggestion for the girls and for the boys we have a titillating product to talk about.

ROSS: It’s the head to head cyberskin stroker. It’s like a cock dock. It’s like a rubber tube that’s open on both ends. It’s his and his play. So, you can each insert your dick into each side and go at it. It’s like those Chinese fingers that of course then, that would be my one theory.

Basically you lube up your dicks in, it’s just like one of those Chinese thing that you put your fingers in it instead you’re putting your cocks in it and you just start thrusting away. And, the thing that’s kind of cool about this is that you’re face to face. It’s actually force you to face to face contact. This is kind amazing.

KAT:  Which is awesome, it does create that suction too. I’m assuming with the lube and everything I think it’s also textured on the inside.

ROSS: It is, for his pleasure.

KAT: So instead of dig the holes, dock the cocks.

ROSS: Balls of hairy.

We didn’t bring the jingle bells but we brought a good cheer.

Monday, June 25, 2012

What's Lady Gaga's Sexual Orientation? Confused With Her Sexuality; Cock or Pussy?

Hey, this is Kat and this is Sex Chat with Dr. Kat. I’m your host, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, here to answer all of your sex and relationship questions. Want me to answer your question? Shocking, but true. If you call by 24-hour a day, seven day a week Listener Line at 2132701968, you’ll have my full attention. I will answer your question on a future show. And I would like to thank our lovely sponsors,

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Do Men Get Turned Off When A Girl Gets Wet and Cums Too Quickly?

QUESTION: Hi, Dr. Kat, I have a question. When I’m with my boyfriend and get excited, I get really, really wet. And then if I have an orgasm, I mean, I’m just… I can’t tell you how wet I am. And he says it’s not normal and it’s a turnoff, and I’m really embarrassed about it and I don’t know what to do.

Well, I think it’s unfortunate that’s it’s a turnoff for him because I can’t tell you how many men I talk to on a regular basis who equate wetness with how turned on you are. And therefore, it pumps up their sense of themselves and it must mean that they’re a great lover because you’re super wet.

Plenty of women are sincerely upset, unhappy with the fact that they can’t lubricate on their own, that they have to rely on lube. Which to me, doesn’t matter here nor there, you know. Whether you use lube, whether you’ve got enough lubrication, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a little slipperiness, however you come by that when you have sex, sex is going to be more enjoyable because it’s going to be slippery and there isn’t going to be all that dry friction, and that’s what leads to uncomfortable sex for a lot of people.

So, I know it’s easy enough for me to tell you. Your boyfriend’s ridiculous. You’ve got plenty of lube, you’re a lucky woman, whatever. But I would say, have a conversation with him and just say, “You know, this is how my body is set up, and it’s my body responding.”

It’s the natural physiological response to sexual stimulation. And I don’t care if you have to put a towel or two on the bed. I don’t care if you end up getting wet through your pants and your panties. It can be related to hormones and a lot of other things in your life, but that’s your body’s response and it’s providing you with lubrication. And I say, use it and go have sex, because obviously, it’s there for a reason.

It can vary a lot. Some women lubricate more, some lubricate less. My suggestion to you is to just be comfortable with it and realize that whatever hang-up your boyfriend has about it, it’s his hang-up and not yours. And if he’s not going to get over this and realize that this is a part of you and your natural sexual response, I don’t know. Maybe he’s not the boyfriend for you.

Trying Anal Sex For The First Time

QUESTION: Hi, Dr. Kat. I have a question for you. My husband and I have been married for three years and sex is great. He says he’s ready to try anal sex on me, but I’m afraid. Is anal sex good or bad for you? Should I allow the anal sex or should we just keep it the same? Thank you.
So, anal sex. I remember seeing Margaret Cho, one of her stand-up comedy acts, and saying that anal sex was like going to the dentist, you have to do it once or twice a year. I would sincerely hope for all of you out there that anal sex is not drudgery and it is also not something to be afraid of.

The reason why I feel like a lot of women in particular feel concerned and have issues around anal sex is because they and their partners are not doing it properly. I absolutely think anal sex can be a really nice addition to their repertoire because good God, when you’re with someone for years and years, and years on end, and you just want to mix it up, anal sex is a really good option.

There are all these other nerve endings. Some women even have anal orgasms. There’s a lot of taboo around it, so some people really dig that. There are all these reasons why anal sex should be titillating. And so what I would suggest is I don’t want you to do anything that you’re unhappy with, obviously. But if you were interested in pursuing anal sex, there’s definitely a right way to do it.

Make sure your husband is listening to this. No. 1, go slow. It is not about jamming a big, fat penis in there. It is about taking your time doing some foreplay and not jumping the gun, so to speak. Okay? So take your time. The other issue is to really use lube!

There’s no natural lubrication of the anus, so you absolutely, no matter what, need to use some form of lube with anal sex. So go out, buy some. There’s special lubes. I think Adam & Eve carry some, so if you go to www.AdamAndEve.comyou can buy lube especially for anal sex. It’s a little thicker. It’s a little more viscous, really great for anal sex.

The other thing is that when you’re going slow and you’re using lube, you work at a graduated fashion. Which means, your partner starts by inserting his finger into your asshole and works his way up, maybe from one finger to two fingers. Really, you’ve got to give yourself time and loosen up around there because in your head if all you’re going to do is clench up… Because if your mind is closed, your anus will be closed as well.

You need to give yourself time to kind of reprogram that, and the other thing is, is that he may not actually put his penis into you. He may not actually put his cock into your asshole the very first time you attempt this. So that means that you both need to be patient. And you know what? The anticipation, the titillation of maybe doing some anal play first before getting to that main event would be a really great way for you to build up to it. Right?

So I say, definitely go that route. The other trick that most people don’t realize is “Oh, I’m tensing up. I’m feeling some discomfort,” which you may feel a little discomfort because it’s a whole new experience for most people. So if you a little discomfort, just pay attention to your body and communicate about it.

If it’s too much, too soon, tell your partner. If he’s rushing in there or doing some kind of movement that isn’t working for you, you need to speak up and say “Slow down a little bit. Why don’t you go back to one finger instead of two?” There are also sex toys you can get, too, which I guess is another plug for

You could buy smaller anal plugs and things too in order to kind of get your anus prepared for full-on penis anal penetration as well. That’s also a good option, too. But a really good way to re-route your central nervous system so it’s not focused on the pain is play with your clitoris or have your partner play with your clitoris. Because what that does is that it allows you to focus on the pleasure of the clitoral play and kind of re-routes the nerve synapsis so that you don’t really feel as much tension. It helps you relax and can help you re-route what you’re reading as pain.

So I would really suggest that as well. And you know, give yourself some time, experiment. It is all good. Just make sure you’re communicating about it and let the flood gates open. So you can call my 24-hour a day, seven day a week Listener Line at 2132701968. If you leave a question, we may get to answer that on a future show. And I would like to introduce my best gay boyfriend, Mr. Ross Martineau.

What's Lady Gaga's Sexual Orientation? Confused With Her Sexuality; Cock or Pussy?

ROSS: Hi, Kat.

KAT: Hi, Ross.

ROSS: How are you?

KAT: I’m good. I’ve been following the Lady Gaga phenomenon.

ROSS: Gaga, gogo.

KAT: We’re gogo for Gaga.

ROSS: We are.

KAT: Her and her little meat dress, and I’m sure PETA loves that.

ROSS: Right. But it could be too firky or something. That could be the rouse, you know.

KAT: Oh, my god! It could be. That would be the whole way she could flip the whole thing. So I’m perplexed.

ROSS: Okay.

KAT: Here’s my issue.

ROSS: Tell me.

KAT: I love Lady Gaga. I love her music, I think it’s totally fun. I get the general draw to her as a performer, but…

ROSS: What do you want?

KAT: Well, what’s up with her?! She seems a little asexual. You know, I appreciate the work she’s doing with the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ stuff. I appreciate that she’s out there pushing the envelope. Right?

ROSS: Yes, absolutely.

KAT: You know, around sexuality in general. I’m just not sure what sexuality she’s pushing. Who is she fucking? Who is she dating?

ROSS: So that’s what you want to know.

KAT: I do!

ROSS: Cock or pussy, cock or pussy. Interesting…

KAT: Is that an url? Maybe you should buy that.

ROSS: Right.

KAT: Cock or pussy…

ROSS: Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I’m assuming and I think I’m pretty sure that she’s straight, or maybe her hook is that she is asexual. She comes across as a persona as sort of a robot, a femme bot.

KAT: She does.

ROSS: As it were, a femme bot. There you go, like Austin Powers.

KAT: Femme bot makes sense.

ROSS: So I kind of see her as – kudos to the queen, to Miss Madonna, but she’s kind of like the new Madonna in a way.

KAT: True, I totally agree with that. But Madonna, you always knew who she’s fucking.

ROSS: Right, I just had sex and rolled over the gutter.

KAT: Right. Or you know, blond ambition. You know what I mean? And it should her as like the whole Sandra Bernhard-like phase where she was like screwing her and then there was the out of hand thing, and then there was a…

ROSS: Okay, yes. Sandra Bernhard, yeah.

KAT: Yeah. You know what I mean? Like you always knew, and with her…

ROSS: Yeah, Gaga is a little more removed. So I’m kind of getting it. You love the music. You love the persona. You just want to see a little more of the sex in there.

KAT: I want her to come clean, yes, with who she’s having sex with because I’m confused.

ROSS: Okay, alright. I think it’ll happen.

KAT: I don’t know if it’s going to be a whole George Michael outing. Maybe she’ll be out at some way, in some bathroom somewhere.

ROSS: Oh, my god, yeah. We’ll see.

My Current Boyfriend Hates My Ex - Reeks of Insecurity

KAT: We’ll see. Let’s see our first question today. Comes from Keith. “I’m really good friends with an ex-boyfriend. In fact, he’s one of my best friends. My current boyfriend hates this. He thinks he should be enough for me and that I should drop my guy friend. I don’t think that’s right or fair. Can I tell my boyfriend how wrong he is?” Reeks of insecurity.

ROSS: Right. We learned long ago in Psychology 101, everything stems from basic insecurity.

KAT: Right. Or something that awry with your mother or your father.

ROSS: There you go.

KAT: One of the two.

ROSS: Yeah. You know, in this case I could actually kind of relate to this a little bit because actually when I met my partner he was living with his ex. To my partner’s credit, a couple of things happened that I thought he handled quiet well and was very mature, you know, kind of worked out well, was that… First off, he laid it out right from the start. You know, “This is the situation. We were lovers. We’re now friends,” and I respect that.

You love someone, you know, you say you love them. It’s like why should you end up hating them just because you’re parting. So they had an amicable parting and the roommate situation just happened to work out for them. The other thing is that he kept me primary, which I really appreciated. I never felt like a third wheel in my own relationship, which I think can happen so…

KAT: It absolutely does and I think that’s the thing. You get the emotional intimacy, right? And you get that established with your long-time friend. And then you got this new partner where sometimes it takes a while to feel that intimacy out at first. But the point is, is that if the person that you’re going home with every night, that you’re going to bed with, that you’re going through all the ups and downs of life with, if they’re not who you’re disclosing more to and spending more time with, and really getting down into the nitty-gritty with, then that to me is a red flag.

ROSS: Right. So this is our advice for the question asked, to Keith. He’s the one with the boyfriend who’s insecure about his relationship with the ex. And that is, Keith, be honest. Keep your partner primary, your boyfriend primary, and also, let him in. Really explain the situation and humanize the ex-partner, too, because sometimes if there’s a little bit of a removal because it’s a little awkward or whatever, that your imagination can run with you. I’m sure they’ve met each other, but just have them get to know each other a little more. That might help.

KAT: Take this thing out of it because I think the farther away the two of them are from knowing who one another are, probably the worse it is. Because if you let your mind run away with things, you’re going to create more of an issue than there is.

ROSS: Exactly.

KAT: Cool, alright. Super duper, I think we have another question, Ross.

My Girlfriend Is A Stripper

ROSS: We do. This is from Sarah in Boston. Okay. “I strip for a living and I am truly fine with stripping as a vocation. My boyfriend is not so hot on it. He gets very jealous and hangs around the club a lot. I’m just there to work, but I do admit I enjoy it. We are constantly at odds about this. How can I talk to him and convince him that I am not going to cheat on him, that it’s all just work?”

KAT: Well in theory, he should just trust you.

ROSS: Okay. Is that it? Okay, yeah.

KAT: Because if you’re able to separate what you’re doing for your job versus your home life, that should be good enough for him.

ROSS: Okay. I disagree. I mean, I can see that but I think that she’s got a couple of things that she’s doing right. No. 1, so it is just work and the fact that he’s going along, I don’t think it’s so much a bad thing in a way, because again, like the last question, your mind can run away with you.

KAT: True.

ROSS: And for him to actually go to the club and kind of see that she goes there, she puts her bag down, she gets her pasties on. They’re not on straight. She’s going to go out there, “How’s my makeup?”

KAT: The bad boob job doesn’t help this.

ROSS: Right, exactly. But I’m just saying it becomes – he can actually kind of witness that it’s a job. She goes out there, she does her thing. It’s an act, no different than an actress on the stage or whatever. The guys aren’t touching her, right? They’re not allowed to touch, so I hear from those bachelor parties. I mean, obviously, another red flag for her, for him, is I’m assuming that she’s not going into the ‘touch me, feel me’ room for the…

KAT: The blowjobs in the backroom.

ROSS: Right, for 10 bucks or whatever. That it is just a job.

KAT: Oh, god. I hope she’s getting more than that.

ROSS: She’s doing her pole dance and I think it’s actually a good thing that he’s there.

KAT: So… Okay. I’m fine with him visiting once, maybe twice, or maybe an occasional visit. But I so know some of these guys who all they want to do is hover. It’s the whole hover craft thing. They’re going to hang around day and night – well, depending what shift she works. Day and night, and totally monitor everything she’s doing, and really undermine what she’s trying to do a lot of the time. So I guess there’d be a caveat here that…

ROSS: It’s like Bring Your Boyfriend To Work Day. You know what I mean? It’s like he can come a couple of times but he’s not going to accompany her every time, certainly.

KAT: Right. And if he wants her to bring home some bacon, it’s probably not a good idea for him to be hanging around on the dark corners.

ROSS: Right. So I guess what we’re talking about is bring him along but not all the time. Let him see that it’s just a job, that there’s a reality of it. The other thing too is that when you’re dating a pole dancer or you’re a pole dancer in the dating pool, the pool of guys that are going to be cool with it is pretty small. So there’s a reality there as well that I think she has to deal with.

KAT: There is that reality, but ultimately, if it’s going to be somebody… I mean, she’s not going to be pole dancing forever, right? I mean, what? You hit 29 and…

ROSS: Right, like a ballet dancer. It’s like your aged at 20.

KAT: Right. It’s a very short slope after that.

ROSS: It’s called gravity.

KAT: Obviously, she’s going to figure that out before then. I think the right guy should understand, but you know, those are my standards.

ROSS: No, I understand. And she also has to realize that not everyone is going to be cool about it, and if this isn’t the guy that’s going to be cool about it, then she needs to move on.

KAT: Next! He needs to go for the big daddy, big spender guy in the front row who’s there every day, dropping $400 dollars on her.

ROSS: Okay, maybe.

KAT: Hey, you can call us. We’ll answer your question. Call my 24-hour a day, seven day a week Listener Line at 2132701968. And I have a very short and sweet final question here from Virginia in Florida. That sounds weird. “Hey, can a woman get an STD from receiving oral sex?”

Can A Woman Get An STD From Receiving Oral Sex

ROSS: On the count of three. One, two, three – yes!

KAT: Yes! Let’s talk about vaginas, Ross.

ROSS: If we have to.

KAT: It’s your favorite subject.

ROSS: You know what? I appreciate them. I don’t want to touch them or taste them, but I can absolutely talk about them.

KAT: Okay, you can? You’re not mildly vomiting in your mouth as we speak?

ROSS: No, not all.

KAT: Okay, cool. So yes, the answer is yes. Most notably, we have our friend Herpes Simplex 1, Herpes Simplex 2, right? Simplex 1 is typically the kind that you get orally. Simplex 2 is usually the genital kind. And guess what? They’re transferal back and forth. So that means if you have a nice, lovely, shiny blister on your lip and you are eating out some lovely, perfect woman, you can transfer that blister on to her vulva.

ROSS: Exactly. So I’m going to put it in… You know, I’m actually becoming a nouveau foodie as everyone is these days.

KAT: Food and vaginas, yes.

ROSS: There you go. So my analogy is going to be, you know what, the guy has been eating a little bit of red sauce and that red sauce is on his lip. And if it touches your vagina, that red sauce is now on your vagina. We should think of that red sauce as a Herpe.

KAT: That’s right.

ROSS: It can absolutely happen.

KAT: Track the red sauce, and it can go the other direction. If you have a Herpetic blister on your vulva…

ROSS: Oh, my god. That’s my new rock band. Herpetic Blister!

KAT: Oh, my god. That would be awesome.

ROSS: Okay, I’m trademarking it right now.

KAT: Yeah, okay. Nobody else gets that. I don’t think they will. I think you’re okay. But anyway, you can also get that from the vulva onto your lips. So what do we do? I don’t know if anyone out there has ever heard of – or our lovely Virginia in Florida – has heard about dental dams.

ROSS: Dental dams which you can buy at?


ROSS: Absolutely.

KAT: I think they’ve got a few of those. They might even be flavored.

ROSS: Ooh, that would be nice.

KAT: Banana, coconut, that would be nice. But the major issue here is you want to create a barrier if you’re concerned about that. So if you do not have a dental dam, guess what? Saran Wrap, plastic wrap works great. It not only keeps your leftovers fresh, it keeps your vagina fresh.

ROSS: There you go. And you know, worse comes to worse, a finger can act like a tongue.

KAT: Ooh, good point, Ross.

ROSS: Flick it, flick it good.

KAT: So you do know about vaginas.

ROSS: I do.

KAT: I want to thank everyone out there for joining us today and don’t forget to call the 24-hour a day, seven day a week Listener Line at 2132701968. You can go to, our wonderful sponsors right now. Pick up those dental dams.

ROSS: Please do.

KAT: Yeah, that’s a good idea. Condoms, dildos, whatever your heart’s desire. I think they have like over 18,000 toys and videos to choose from.

ROSS: Wow, okay.

KAT: It’s impressive. You can get 50% OFF on most any item, Plus a FREE Mystery gift, Plus FREE Shipping on you entire order when you use the Offer Code DRKAT. That's D-R-K-A-T at the checkout. Go ahead and visit for more information about the show and do not forget to subscribe to our lovely iTune show which you’re listening to right now.

ROSS: Please do.

KAT: Thanks, Ross.

ROSS: Aloha.

KAT: Aloha. Ping your blog Free blog ping