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Black Swan: Natalie Portman - Mila Kunis Lesbian Oral Sex Scene

There’s a little oral controversy between the two movies; The Black Swan which is in theater now and Blue Valentine. The Black Swan is the ballet movie starring Natalie Portman and Wynona Rider, and Mila Kunis – who’s getting all of the awards or the nominations; a backstabbing sort of the life in the ballet theater or in ballet world. And, Blue Valentine, which is Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The controversy is, each have oral sex scene, female oral sex scene. The controversy is that when Black Swan came up for review, this is “R” rated movie. And then when it came up for review of the board, Blue Valentine came up as an NC-17 which is a kiss of death.

People don’t know that NC-17 is basically equivalent of an “X”; it greatly vastly limits the way that you can advertise your movie because newspapers around the country will not allow on an AD to be run for NC-17. Part of the controversy is that, Blue Valentine is more of an indie versus Black Swan which is major released, big budget. When the ratings came down Black Swan got the “R” and originally a couple of weeks ago Blue Valentine got, NC-17. And, it’s almost unprecedented from what I understand to have a ratings changed without the movie being altered in some way. Blue Valentine got their rating reversed. They’ve interviewed the director, the actors and, no one really knows why the MPAA (The Classifications and Ratings Board) number one; gave that rating, everyone’s in total conjecture, and number two; no one really knows why it got reversed the fact that there’s a legal wrangling happening in the back. And didn’t it come out sort of that the scene in Blue Valentine the reason that it went to NC-17 is that it’s way more believable, it’s more authentic.

The way that two scenes are set-up; Black Swan which is the rated “R”, takes place after a party scene, there’s all these high end ballerinas which Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis play. There’s a party scene where they get out of hand with drugs and alcohol. Basically, when it comes to for both of these scenes for both Black Swan and Blue Valentine is that neither of them did involve in nudity. The filming is all in furred. It’s all in furred sexuality. Neither both of them didn’t show anything. When it comes to Black Swan, that scene is shown in filmed like that it supposed to be kind of surreal and sort of drag and deuced feeling between the two women. And then, the other one, Blue Valentine, is a couple Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, just been being very real and apparently it was deemed more authentic and done in a one shot, one scene ended up more authentic.

Ryan Gosling said that, “Obviously, the board finds it more threatening for male/female oral sex versus two girls getting it on, because they might actually have to perform it with their wives.”

So, we’ll see it soon. It got reversed. We’ll look forward to seeing those make their way, make their rounds.   

Getting Your Wife To Watch Porn

Sex Question:

Daven wants to know about sharing porn with his wife. “I’m into porn and have haven since I was a teen and when I married my wife. I was up front with it and she asked me to stop. She viewed it as wrong with a little bit of jealousy. I did for her. But after the first year to 18 months, I started looking again behind her back. It’s been like that for the past three and a half years. And I really like to share this incredibly stimulating media with her but I’m not sure how bring it up without causing relationship war 3, any advice?”

KAT: So, interesting. Some guys really like to keep their porn taboo. Like, they don’t want their partners to have anything to do with it. They want to keep it in a nice little compartmentalized. You know, this is my taboo I’m gonna go jerk off and it’s mine.

ROSS: The affair that they’re having with their mind and their right hand.

KAT: I think it’s actually refreshing that Daven, wants to include his partner. And, I think that’s actually really nice way, I believe if you can to integrate as much of your sexuality as you can with your partner. I think taboos are great. Don’t get me wrong. They serve their purpose and if it helps create more fantasies further, and it can actually lead to more sex within the relationship when you masturbate even if you’re doing it on your own. So, I think that bodes well.

ROSS: That’s a positive. The way that I looked at it though, I’ll take the other side here. It’s like, okay so, but she’s not into it. She’s a little bit jealous which is, probably something that she needs to look at, regardless because if you’re jealous about porn there’s probably deeper insecurities going on there. But, at the same time I understand it. What do you say? Maybe you know, you’re in to like pissing on feet and I’m not. So, you know who’s right or who win? Where’s the compromised?

KAT: Yeah, his side of his. You know he’s been doing it since he was a teen. He was at front with her and she’s asking him. I think little women say, it’s wrong, I’m jealous. They don’t realizing their asking the other person in particularly in this case, the guy to change his entire sexuality. You know, you’re asking someone to change their entire erotic template. Whatever erotic template they came into the relationship with, it’s really difficult to change what turns us on.

ROSS: And I guess, here can we assume that they’re still having, that their sex life is still great? Because, one thing that maybe out of the equation or maybe that she can’t time in on as that we’re not having as much sex because he’s watching porn and jerking off.

KAT: And maybe so, we haven’t heard from her that might be the case.

ROSS: Because, I imagine, that’s one of the pitfalls of watching porn or watching too much porn is that some of the time that you might be spending with your partner in the sexual way, you’re actually spending with yourself and the television.

KAT: It can be really positive outlet and also just like anything else, just like eating too much christmas candy. You know what I mean. There can be too much of it when start putting all of your energy towards that, that doesn’t leave anything to your part.

ROSS: So, back to the last part of the question. How does he bring it up without causing world war 3?

KAT: Exactly. I think there’s a couple of things here to Daven to maybe look at the relationship, step back and really look at her perspective on this just like you mention. And do, just bring it up with her; just say that this is the issue I came in to the relationship. You put this, probably not gonna change. We can have a don’t ask, don’t tell sort of moment.

ROSS: Right. Create their perimeters.

KAT: Or, because I really do want to show it with you. But, I don’t know how clear he was with her that he would actually integrate her in to the play. Just say -- Come on mind with me for 5 or 10 minutes. Let’s find something that maybe you were interested in.

ROSS: There you go. I think that is probably, keep finding something that might turn her on or might spark her inches. Hopefully, it’s going to be gay porn.

KAT: Gay porn is the best porn.

ROSS: I’m telling you.

KAT: They got the best looking guys.

ROSS: I know, they have no hair, they have no zilch. And the biggest cocks ever.

KAT: It’s true. It’s amazing. Women out there, I always tell them like go check out the gay porn. Because, two guys getting it on, it’s totally hot. If you haven’t exposed to that, that’s your homework for this week women. I don’t care how straight you are. I mean the guys too, obviously. In particular for women, because I think a lot of women really have a little more openness to it. And if they can explore that, the men are way better looking and it’s hotter.

ROSS: Not that there’s anything wrong with straight porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

KAT: Sometimes, the guys need a little something left to be desired. Not all of them, but some of them. I would probably gonna get some like gay porn king or some straight porn guy who calls in and saying that…

ROSS: Bring it on. Show us some stuff. Show us what you’ve got.

KAT: That’s it. So Daven, I would just say -- number 1; I wouldn’t avoid relationship world war 3, because, I think that by itself you might be pleasantly surprise if you brooch the subject when things aren’t hot and heavy, when things are okay between two of you, and tell her that you want her to be happy and that is an option and if it’s not then you’ll just slit sleeping dog flies so to speak.

ROSS: There you go, so just hide the towel.

KAT: Make sure you recycled the…

We’ll be right back after 30 second break from our sponsor www.AdamEve.com. 

Best Sex Positions For Fat People

Sex Question:

Arron is wondering about chubby sex. “Hello! My wife and I are a bit on the chubby side. And, I want to know what would be some good sex positions to try.”

KAT: Thank you for your time. That was so into the point.

ROSS: There you go, we love that. So, chubby sex, you know, I’m imaging the first thing that comes in to my mind to is from the backdoor. Rare entry is good and, this is what I would suggest and try putting her at the age of the bed and spread her legs wide and then, the door is wide open. And, you kind a get right in there I think and do your thing and, kind a makes it little easier for everyone.

KAT: Absolutely, I think that it’s great that they’re exploring things and trying to figure out better and fun ways to connect regularly and figured ably. And, I think you’re right, the rare entry position, even standing position.

ROSS: That could work.

KAT: But rare entry standing. And also you kind of a like water play, like you got a big bath tub or jackousy, or sometimes the pool the floatation. The water can create great sensations and little less focus on the weight. And, also there are couple products out there that I’ve talked about a client to engage in chubby sex. The one is called the liberator, have you heard about this? There actually like sex cushions, like sex furniture’s what they call, then there wedges, there like different shapes. If you saw the first Meet the Fockers, where you know she’s a sex therapist, Barbara Streisand. She actually uses them. I think there on www.AdamEve.com. Pretty sure but basically cushions made to get in different positions and I found with people who have limited mobility like disability, age, or size. It just gives you more option and creates more comfort.

ROSS: Is it something that actually kind of like forces your pelvis or something in to it, comfortable position that you can keep it in like sort of pleasant itself a little easier to your partner.

KAT: It actually got probably different shape, at least. And, you can use them and then make suggestions with them when you get the shape material of what you can do to try it out.

ROSS: When I was in college, they call them Hush Bonds. You remember the hush pillows that had a little arm.

KAT: Pillows with arms is really disturbing.

ROSS: It’s not really arms; it’s just a big pillow with like two little arms so you can put all your back or you put all your elbows up when you’re reading your book. The girls call them Hush Bonds.

KAT: Okay I just got educated. I have no Idea. The other options are the Sex Swings, Love Swings. Find a good place to mount it. That would be probably the good thing to do first. Basically, you can swing around; you can definitely get in to position you normally wouldn’t be able to.

ROSS: Fulfill that trapeze fantasies.

KAT: The Cirque de Soule.

ROSS: Look, I’m flying.

KAT: and I think Love Swings is probably the main manufacturer of those on two. You can check them out too as well.

ROSS: Awesome. The final position I’m thinking maybe also on the side, right, like the Spider.

KAT: Yeah, like spider ring. You’ve got maybe can on the side with the legs kind of woven through one another. That’s a really good option too. And lube also helps too because have enough friction sometimes it can feel like it’s difficult to get in position. Good luck with that Arron.

How to Stay Hard Longer

Sex Question:

Jeff is concerned about staying hard. “My wife and I have been happily married since high school for 27 and half years. We’ve always have a great sex life until the last 3 years; she said she has no problem with it but I do. I just don’t last as long as I used to and it bothers me. I’m 45 and she’s 43 years old. I have no problem with getting an erection at anytime, it just doesn’t last long. We have a great deal of foreplay but what can I do so that I know she’s truly satisfied. I have tried creams and they don’t seem to do any good.”

KAT:  The creams don’t work. It’s doesn’t matter what cream, what supplement.

ROSS: Right. Even the supplement, they still advertise it on TV. That’s all ashamed.

KAT: Yeah, totally. None of it works.

ROSS: My first advice came back in the day when share was touting; she was working for some gym. I forget which one. She said, “If you came with a pill, everyone would take it.” It comes in the pill and it’s called Viagra… I would say go to your doctor and get a sample of each, see which one of might work for you because those will keep you hard.

KAT: You will not have a problem with that.

ROSS: Exactly. And if your erection last more than 4 hours, call me.

KAT: Absolutely, there’s a reason why Viagra works and as long as you are getting it and on the open up way go in to your doctor and tell him on your issue and keep little dude…

ROSS: Speaking of which, the disclaimer write if you have a any sort of a heart medication that includes any nitrates, do not take any Viagra or other supplements.

KAT: Right. That’s true. Go to a doctor. Get a medical work out. Make sure there’s nothing else going on. What’s going on, it’s getting me on erections quickly so that he tells me that it works. It’s just a matter of sustaining. It does just happen for some guys but, most men by the time they get to 40s or 50s. You fall down a little bit with the erection or maintaining them or getting them. That’s not uncommon, that’s part for the course. The great thing is it sounds like you have a wonderful sex life and you’ve been with your wife, forever, which is great. And, there are a couple of other options to if you want to makes it up or not, take Viagra every single time. Cock rings; keep the blood on the penis.

ROSS: Right! Tie it up and lock it down. Then the other part of the question towards the end that I just want to bring it quickly, if she’s truly satisfied and so you might mind head games yourself too once you start to get into that. You know, dog teasing the tail thing. That does not gonna good to you on your hard on.

KAT: He actually even said that it bothers him more than his wife it sounds like. I think it sound you already know she’s probably satisfied. You guys can have a conversation and confirm that. Ask her. And get a cock ring with a clitoral simulator on it.

ROSS: Exactly. And who knows she might come back and say. It sounds like she’s not having a problem. It’s like maybe she should love of that hard for that long. Get her rough by your tongue or your hand or toy.

KAT: It could totally work for anything that’s in it. You got to have a whole concept that you got to have this crazy whole quality sex thing that’s gonna last for like hours and you have to be multiply orgasmic. Sometimes, a quick fuck is totally fine, it’s great so mix it up.

ROSS: To go back to our previous question again, one drawback or negative about porn is sometimes it does idealized.

KAT: It’s true. You got to have looked at it with reasonable eyes.

ROSS: Like, you got to look at this guy he’s been hard in the scene for about 28 minutes and it’s still hard but what they don’t show is the cutting, flopping, the Viagra taking. Put it on perspective. That’s reality us well.

KAT: It sounds like you guys are on the right track. Have a conversation with your wife. Get the medical work out and explore the cock simulator ring.

Sex Toys Review: Adam & Eve Waterproof 7 Function Remote G Bullet and Adam & Eve Cyberskin Stroker Triplets

Our featured toy of the week on the Gay Take/ Straight Take toy front is the Adam & Eve Seven Function Remote G-Bullet.

ROSS: I love it. Not 6 functions, not 8. It’s seven, the magic lucky seven.

KAT: Seven levels of haven. The thing that I like about this toy g-spot focus, which g-spot simulation works on a lot better if you got a toy that’s focus on it. It’s hands-free. Lock and load.

ROSS: I love that. Can you imagine like – Honey, will you change the channel. Oops! Wrong remote. It could start something though.

KAT: It’s true. That’s the really fun thing about this toy with the remote toys and stuff is that, between couples you can really have a little bit of power play. Like who holds the power. Who’s gonna control the pleasure. The cool thing too is it’s waterproof and what I think is adorable it has a retrieval cord and carrying strap. You can put it on a key chain. Just make sure you clean it before you use it. Don’t switch.

Anyway, seven amazing speeds, seven amazing functions that’s the suggestion for the girls and for the boys we have a titillating product to talk about.

ROSS: It’s the head to head cyberskin stroker. It’s like a cock dock. It’s like a rubber tube that’s open on both ends. It’s his and his play. So, you can each insert your dick into each side and go at it. It’s like those Chinese fingers that of course then, that would be my one theory.

Basically you lube up your dicks in, it’s just like one of those Chinese thing that you put your fingers in it instead you’re putting your cocks in it and you just start thrusting away. And, the thing that’s kind of cool about this is that you’re face to face. It’s actually force you to face to face contact. This is kind amazing.

KAT:  Which is awesome, it does create that suction too. I’m assuming with the lube and everything I think it’s also textured on the inside.

ROSS: It is, for his pleasure.

KAT: So instead of dig the holes, dock the cocks.

ROSS: Balls of hairy.

We didn’t bring the jingle bells but we brought a good cheer.

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  1. Ok this might sound odd lol but my friend recently told me that her boyfriend and her aren't really able to have sex and I'm trying to offer options. He's too wide so it hurts her legs to ride and he isn't long enough to get past her padding for doggy. I offered what I could think of but I'd really like to help. I already suggested wheel barrel, and the other two you mentioned not the swing. I'm a guy so I wanna help the guy out lol