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Sex Chat Sexiest Celebs

Checkout below one of the most awesome edition of Sex Chat with Dr. Kat with her Gay BF that features Sex Chat on Sexiest Celebs and more.

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Today, we are doing the special segment; we usually have our little media deal and, right now, just as People Magazine came out with their top 100 most beautiful people in the world. So, here at sex chat we actually are going to do a top 10 sexiest for both Ross and mine, my perspective.

ROSS: Ladies first.

KAT: We really curious if everybody out there is following us on Twitter and Facebook, feel free to give us feedback and tell us if we are wrong. On my list, some of them might be obvious some of them might be so obvious but I’m always a Jon Stewart fan. I love the brains. I love the fact that his a little bit older but he is still kind of got that voice and super sharp poet. And, I’m just a total pushover for that.

ROSS: Humor is sexy. Humor is very sexy.

KAT: It is. That, basically, pretty much if your funny you can get along way with a lot more.

ROSS: And, humor and brains that’s a winning combination.

KAT: Yeah, I can pretty much have my eyes close and I can probably end up with bed with you if you’re funny and smart.

ROSS: How can we have…

KAT: I’m sure my husband would love that.

ROSS: Mine too.

KAT: Exactly. Wait, What? How about you? Who’s next?

ROSS: Well, of course my number one soft spot is the power bottom in New York, Mr. Anderson Cooper.

KAT: That is the rumor. He is supposed to be the most prolific power bottom.

ROSS: Right, which is funny because a straight friend had to tell me that? Really? I’ve never heard that. But you know for me, his got it all. He’s got the pedigree. He certainly got the brains. And, he can be funny.

KAT: Well, totally I think he is.

ROSS: But, the combination with those blue eyes and the early salt and pepper. He is just yummy.

KAT: I think we should explain what power bottom to people is.

ROSS: Someone who can take it for hours.

KAT: He has a high tolerance to backdoor penetration. You know you’ll have to give it to Anderson Cooper in many levels.

ROSS: Right. Maybe he’s using products from

KAT: He might be, you know that a desensitizing lube. That you can put on.

ROSS: Anal lease, which I don’t want to recommend because you really kind of do want to know of what’s going on back there.

KAT: You definitely want to feel if you are really going beyond your bounds. You want to be well aware of that to communicate with your partner. And to all of Anderson Coopers lawyers, this is hearsay and it’s someone else’s opinion we’re just the tube, the vessel passing it on.

KAT: But we can’t help ourselves because we love him.

ROSS: Okay, it’s your turn.

KAT: Russell Brand, when I had first seen him, not really attractive to the look, but, I’m a total sucker. French-English accent, and, I read his book, Bookie Wook 1 and I haven’t read his Bookie Wook 2, yet. But it’s all his biography basically, and just freaking hilarious like super sharp way. He’s somebody who grow up on PBS, well, the BBC reruns on PBS faulty towers and black outer. And I like the fact that his incredibly straight but he plays with his sexuality. He’s okay with the eye makeup and the boas and you know from Bookie Wook 2, he talks about he was going out and basically doing like a day in the life. Kind of like the Jinx stuff, MTV stuff. He’s doing that in England and basically following this homeless guy for a while. And there’s this whole thing about how apparently that homeless guy tried to give him a hug in bathroom. It confirmed how straight he was.  You know what I mean, for him willing to talk about that shit, I love it.

ROSS: There’s a weakness for you. You know what; I am straight because there’s a homeless guy who is not gonna give me a hug. And you know, that could probably turn this guy.

KAT: Right, that might do it.

ROSS: See Russell Brand, he’d have to be faced down. Definitely stepping out of the shower and find him a little bit greasy and just not my thing

KAT: You are right and the thing that he and Katy Perry, I like the idea of Katy Perry but funny enough I get on the surface why they can’t go together they both got that crazy brushed styles sort of thing. But, I don’t know I actually see him as being incredibly intelligent and her, not so much.

ROSS: Interesting. She’s actually on my list. She’s one of the women in my list. I actually do dig Katy Perry, she has kissed a girl. Her music is really fun, I don’t think she making it out to be anything more than what it is. It’s fun. It’s catchy. It’s fun and I think she’s pretty sexy, actually.

KAT: Okay, I’ll let you have that one. I’ll take Russell, you take Katy. Who’s next?

ROSS: No particular order, Gilles Marini.

KAT: Would you have to educate me on this?

ROSS: Brothers and Sisters, he was actually dancing at Dancing with the Stars for a while. He’s a French hot just incredibly swarthy sexy man. Interestingly enough on Brothers and Sisters, he plays an underwear model which I guess it is so great.

KAT: Old standby, Lenny Kravitz , hot black man just very row sexuality. I’d take a role in hay with him any day.

ROSS: Little piercing, little leather pants, no shirt. Yeah, he was really…

KAT: You cannot go wrong there.

ROSS: Probably the number one in the women probably Scarlett Johansson. Ever since back on the Coen brothers’ movie The Man That Wasn’t There. I think that’s one of the movies I remember her being in. It’s like who is this girl? She was maybe 16 years old but she plays sort of…

KAT: The sensuality that’s in her cells. You know what I mean, it’s like it oozes it.

ROSS:  She gonna over play it sometimes you know in certain situations. I’ve seen her pictures, you know she’s trying so hard but it’s naturally there. There’s something about her that’s naturally sexy. She was very voluptuous. And speaking of which, the People Magazine: The 100 Most Beautiful People we started talking about who are sexy, there is a difference with me between beautiful and sexy. Like Angelina Jolie, is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world, I get nothing sexy about her. It’s like sex, you know what I mean?

KAT: Yeah, I get it. It doesn’t appeal to me. You know what I mean.

ROSS: It’s a personal observation, it’s just that matters for me.

KAT: And another celebrity couple, Ryan Reynolds. About his personality he is self deprecating he doesn’t take himself so seriously.

ROSS: Yes, the jaw. The eyes, the abs, but still comes across as a convincing every man which is very sexy.

KAT: Did you ever seen him waiting?


KAT: Oh my God! It’s like total bee movie, whatever, it lost of fat and humor and everything. But, he holds it and he’s comedic timing and it sense of just fun. Totally comes off on that. That’s a good set of abs in your set.

ROSS: Anyone else? Let’s see who else I have. I have a okay new one, So I’m a big fan of Glee and they introduced a new character on the show, we don’t know if it’s a love interest of Kirk or not. Kirk goes to a neighboring all boys school and meets a very out a very confident gay boy man. Boy in the show, man in real life his name is Darren Criss. He’s freaking adorable, he’s so sexy and interesting is I went to to check him out a little bit. On Glee he’s very clean cut short hair and in they have pictures of him with this sort of long lacious curly hair, its like, bring the girls back he is adorable.

KAT: Hopefully somebody from Glee is listening out there; right bring the girls back on Glee. I saw the picture with a curls, he’s cute on the show.

ROSS: Your up.

KAT: Okay, a couple of quickies. John Krasinski against the boyishness and sweet. Gwen Stefani I just think she’s just her confidence and the fact that she can still integrate kind of her being a mother and still being sexy and out there on cutting edge, slashing. And, also Cristina Aguilera I also love the way she always embraced her sexuality and talk about some bisexual proclivities whether she was married or not. I really like the fact that she’s confident enough to talk about it with the media too. And, Ellen DeGeneres , I think she’s hot, ,maybe it’s her boyishness. Any last mentions here?

ROSS: I have a bunch. I’m just gonna list them again Brothers and Sisters Luke Macfarlane. He’s grown to me actually, when he first start I actually last night. He’s getting confident as an actor, as character, just he’s sexy. Cheyenne Jackson his a broadway baby, he actually did a little bit part on ugly betty as marks love interest, the guy with the baby that he met. The old spice man I forgot his name, Isiah something. Of course, Jake Gellynhaal, one of my all time favorite is always and forever. And Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer player, he’s hot like one package of muscle. For women, I have Scarlett, Katy Perry, Meagan Fox, and another one Helen Mirren, shes got that new movie coming out the unstoppable or retirables or whatever, just like the over the hill gang, she’s really hot. And Hugh Jackman, that was the one other one too again somebody his obviously embraces his feminine side. Everyone seems to like him too.

ROSS: And talent. Talent is sexy and Hugh Jack had it all he can act. He can sing, he can dance, you know, he’s just a nice package.

KAT: And again, Australian accent doesn’t hurt.
If you would like to weigh in and add to our list we would love it to be included to our future show. You can give us a call at 2132701968. Give us your top 5 and maybe in a couple of episodes we’ll include it and add them all together and see who will top our listeners list and put it all in the blog too or whatever. Go ahead and weigh in and let us know who you find is a Sex Chat Sexy.

Casual Sex

Sex Question:
Criss asked about not being ready settle down. “I have a girlfriend who I like and want to stay committed to but my problem is I just don’t feel satisfied with one girl. The only way I could think to put in is that I like holding her but I want to reach out with other girls as well. I feel as if I need more experience with more women before I should be in any kind of deeper relationship. By the way, I’ve already went to a divorce due to the same problem and I’m only 24. How do I tell the girl that I’ve been dating that I want more experience with other women? I hope this makes some kind of sense; I’ve been trying to figure it out myself for several years now. Thanks Dr.Kat, your podcast really helps by the way.”

KAT: Thanks Criss. Obviously, he knows exactly what needs to do.

ROSS: His saying it. He answers his own question.

KAT: He does. He’s somebody who needs to casually date if you’ve been a part through a divorce by 24. Obviously, the writing was on the wall from the very beginning.

KAT: He maybe hotwired as serial monogamist in theory, but in practice obviously he has a roaming eye. And, he knows he’s only 24 and he needs to experience the pleasures of other various women before he decides to settle down again. Here’s the tricky question which I’m gonna pass to you Dr.Kat, how do you approach that with his partner, with his girlfriend?

KAT: My main concern with someone like this is that rather than step up and have the conversation that he’d get into this whole deceit thing and figure, you know, I know I need some with it so to speak and I’m just gonna do whether I’m with someone or not. He might be somebody who’s actually really attracted to being in a companion at relationship which is lovely. It sounds like, why it is so difficult for him but it’s obvious that at least in this point of his life that he’s not ready to do the commitment thing. I would suggest this girlfriend that his got, lay it out on the line with her. Sit down and say exactly basically what he’d said in the question and realized he’s gonna hurt her feelings. There’s gonna be no way around that, probably. Well, she maybe out continue to casually date with him maybe but I think the more upfront someone like this can be the last drama he’s gonna get in. It’s gonna be a lot healthier.

ROSS: The deeper that he goes into the relationship, the more committed she might start to feel which is exactly the exact opposite of what he really wants to happen. And it’s kind of like the old key chain, if you love something set it free and if it loves you he’ll come back and love you forever. It was meant to be.

KAT: So, Criss give it a shot. I think it’s great that you’re being conscious in questioning that the quality of the relationship and your ability to commit and just up the antis and set down with her, lay it on the line, tell her all the great things about her, open up a conversation about that but then, obviously if you want to continue dating her just be upfront because I think that’s gonna be a lot easier for everybody down the road.

Penetration Purgatory

Sex Question:
Charles wants to know about penetration. “My wife and I are both 66, we married in August of 2010. She told me she wasn’t a sexual woman, I am very sexual. Last night, she said she’d love me and love everything except penetration. I don’t have a big member so I know I’m not hurting her but when we did it, she more and less just laid there. Now I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do. I love her, I’m enjoying making love to her but I’m totally lost. Do you have any advice?”

ROSS: It is a problem. I’m torn because on one hand I sympathized with you Charles because obviously, you want to make love to this woman. You love her very deeply and you just married on the other hand, she was very upfront with him at first, the fact that she even told you that she wasn’t a sexual woman may have been a red flag to start with. But, that aside you are now on this relationship so, how do you move forward. You have to talk with her. You know, conversation, communication is everything.

KAT: Totally key and especially with them being newlywed. This is the time that they’re gonna eat together. I don’t care if they’re 66 or 26, the point is when you’re in a relationship there’s first couple of years together is all about foundation. It’s building a foundation of communication and trust and the ability to talk about these difficult steps. The longer you wait to broached those subjects, I can guarantee you the less likely you’re gonna be to bring her up later on. Talk about it at first. I would also say during the conversation with her, she’s 66 which means she’s obviously on post menopausal I would also, if she’s interested in maybe becoming more sexual which is gonna be after her and what works for you guys. Go in, get a medical work up, have the hormones look at, she might need some tweaking with getting on hormones or there’s even some natural path and steps she could be doing. I see a lot of women really avoid penetration once their post menopausal because they don’t lubricate enough. So break out the lube, just be willing to give it a shot and see if gets better for her

ROSS: Start with a list of what she does like she’s not a very sexual person. Well, you know maybe have her do a list of the likes the most and the things that I like the least.

KAT: And maybe she could be into oral sex and granted, I know you’re on the penetration Charles and hopefully you still got your opportunity to get in there but there are other ways to supplement.

ROSS: Exactly, and if she’s willing to play around with him as if were, maybe she doesn’t like the penetration she’ll give an oral sex, she’ll give a hand job. And maybe, if he wants a penetration here’s a plug;, one word for you Charles, flashlight.

KAT: True. Little masturbation toy it’s basically a pocket pussy and looks like you can get it in different forms. Sometimes you can get like ass holes, or velvets, lips, whatever you would like. It’s usually a really nice complement. If you want penetration, and it’s not happening with your partner so look up flashlights on, check out also the lubes page there too and talk to your wife and see if maybe you can get any work up and see if there’s any other way to switch stuff around.

ROSS: And the list, turn your back on her it’s like what she’s interested in and also within that list, what she’d might be interested in exploring.

KAT: Absolutely makes lot of fun and moves to pressure. Thanks a lot, Charles.

Hand Jobs Only

Sex Question:
Rick is having an issue with orgasms. “I have trouble reaching orgasms when having sex with my wife. More often in that we have to finish with her giving me a lube assisted hand job. I have no trouble masturbating myself to orgasms, any suggestions?”

KAT: This is actually fairly commented that for whatever reason there are some men, whether it’s performance anxiety. Sometimes, it’s physiological nature but usually tends to be more mental issue to this guy that they can’t seem to come with penetration, kind of another penetration oriented question.

ROSS: Much like women can’t come to orgasm. A lot of women can’t come to orgasm with penetration as well.

KAT: Exactly. Good job Ross.

ROSS: I’m learning.

KAT: You are. With women, it’s the fact that the clitoris sometimes just doesn’t get enough action. And for him it maybe just be who knows, if it’s in his head a little disconnected and not being present during sex. He might have a hard time concentrating to get to orgasm.

ROSS: Yup. And you know one thing; little flag for me here is he says he has -- no problem masturbating myself. Rick, if you’re masturbating a lot or you masturbate the same you all the time, suddenly you’re training yourself. That’s the only way you gonna get off. When it comes to your wife it’s like, well, her vagina isn’t your fist gripping and loosening.

KAT: And knowing the exact spot to touch and how quick, and yeah, you’re absolutely right. For him to experiment with that a little bit, talk to his wife see if how open she is. Maybe there’s some other thing Q’s and things like watch some porno while having sex. Maybe she just need some little extra push to really get arouse and go to completion. The good thing here is that it does sound like he’s getting off even if it has to be.

ROSS: He’s definitely does having either by his own hand or the hand of hers. The other thing is don’t stop masturbating that’s not the point but if you’re doing it one way try it with other hand, try it with a toy, have your wife jerk you off which sounds she was doing all of that. And maybe, she jerks him off to almost to completion and then he inserts…

KAT: That’s right. It could be the timing issue that’s great. So the main thing Rick is just expand the perpetual mix it up a little bit, more than likely you either you gonna find other ways you orgasms or at the very least maybe having start having consistent with penetration with your wife.

ROSS: There you go. What fun homework is this. Go have orgasms Rick. Go have orgasms everyone.

KAT: I’d guarantee you this would be a much happier world if everyone had an orgasm a day.

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