Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sex In The Olympic Village and Durex Providing FREE Condoms To Athletes

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Sex in the Olympic Village

"Sex in The City" move over. Below comes "Sex In The Village." Make that participants community. As in Olympics.

Stories of mischiefs at the residing quarters for 10,000 tremendous-in shape young guys and women have constantly abounded, and London isn't going to appear as if it will be any different.
U.S. women's soccer star Hope Solo recently dished about critical partying at the Beijing Video games, and some newly arrived athletes say they can rarely wait for the entertaining to commence.

"The Olympics is the peak of your job, so you could do some things you do not typically do," British beach front volleyball participant Shauna Mullin explained with a giggle Wednesday.
Most, like Mullin, will restrain from heading way too far, mindful they're in the intercontinental highlight.

Nevertheless, there's no require to be prudish, according to the guy overseeing the well being of the Brazilian team.

"(Intercourse) is common at the Olympics. It's required. It really is all-natural," Dr. Joao Olyntho Machado Neto stated. "If you are heading to be healthy folks, why not make intercourse? ... Brazil is quite tolerant with intercourse as a country. We don't have Victorian minds and we're not spiritual."

Ivory Coast swimmer Kouassi Brou was 1 of the youngest opponents in Beijing at sixteen, but he's grown up now.

And ready for some Olympic adore.

Durex is sponsoring the Olympics 2012

Creating the right image is certainly one of the highest priorities when it comes to staging an Olympics; the pinnacle of world sport, which is probably why sponsors for the games have been carefully chosen to represent the values akin to sports.

Rubbish. Its all about the money these days, just take a look at the tier 1 partners to discover just that.

Which is why I couldn’t help wonder why on earth Durex haven’t made the most out of their ‘unofficial partnership’ with London 2012 in view that the committee organisers have asked for over 150,000 free condoms to supply those living in the Olympic Village during the games.

According to the Daily Star this morning, the Olympics is a great way for athletes participating in the games to have some down time away from the track and field by inevitably enjoying  the benefit of 150,000 free condoms…

That’s a lot of sex.

Assuming Durex are not equipped with the same commercial fire-power as McDonald’s or Coke – and therefore are not capable of tying down such sponsorship deals – but even as a back seat supplier, it seems odd as to why Durex have not done a Paddy Power of their own and had some fun in light of activating a ‘safe-sex’ campaign around London 2012?

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