Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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That's right we've got some saucy sex news today having to do with the grand dom of gay rockers, Sir Elton John. Sir Elton! He's so great. He just you know, he's, he's like share. He just goes on and on and on. On and on and on! Apparently, Matt Lauer, got to bend his ear a bit or bended his ear to Elton. I guess somebody's spending something but anyway, interviewed him and he's just really interesting because obviously he's still standing according to the song. After all. And then yeah! and talking about you know certain of the regrets in his life, he'd lead the sort of drunken drug adult wild life of you know of a hugely popular and rich rocker of the early 70's and that's how when he started anyway and you know admits that he waste a lot of his time and then you know on the onset of the AIDS crisis in the 80's was just kind of stupid and oblivious, right? Yes. He's only admission so. Yeah he was definitely saying that in the midst of his kind of drunken steeper, he has friends dying all around him yet he continued those behaviors which is really interesting psychologically. I don't know so.

So as a side note you know, today when we were recording it, it’s the week of July 23rd and the world AIDS conference is actually taking place this week in Washington DC. That’s right. Yeah it’s the first time i think in almost 20 years that has actually been in the United States. A big part of that was because they lifted the ban on HIV positive visitors coming in into America so that's sort of a huge milestone but I just read that Elton John was our key note speaker last night at the conference. Yeah and touched upon some of these points as well just you know how he, you know, just basically wasted away his youth. In the 80's, he was ignoring you know because of the drug in boost haze he was ignoring the AIDS epidemic but finally came around and not only that, you know he started the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Right, which was raised I think, oh that’s amazing thing, yeah like over turn $75 Million for AIDS research so definitely a forced to be reckoned with and certainly appreciated on the AIDS research front thing. So thank you Sir John for that. Yeah absolutely and I'm just glad he, you know coz I was also a very big pretty mercury fan you know and that was all during that time where people just did whatever they wanted to do you know.

Initially, there wasn't any you know harsh consequences but interesting though, he came out in 1976 on the cover of Rolling Stone, Elton John did. So and I find it interesting too that you know, it did affect him but it didn’t he you know just one of those things I guess he found a lot easier coming out then than waiting so. Right. Although, did he get married at one time, I just beg to remember that. He did. You know you're gay and you got married. And the other thing that from this article that I thought was really interesting, not that I really, you know assumed or whatever that he was HIV positive but he actually says that he came out of this whole thing HIV negative despite having you know incredible risky sex for many many years so I thought that was interesting. Anyway and just very lucky man and now he has husband you know downed under little son Zachary as well and I think interesting too, he's born in December 2010. They talk about the fact that you know he realized that he's not gonna have a mother figure like anyone else, like everyone else but that you know their pretty little happy family unit so I was like reading that too. That's great. So, the thing is you know with that too is like there are single family, single parent families all over the place. There are single moms that doesn’t have the dad figure or single dads that doesn’t have a mom figure. So, we're all figuring this out, and as long as you are attentive to your child’s needs, doesn’t matter two men, two women, one man, one woman, you can make a lovely child. That is right. Everybody's family is good. So, we'll be right back after quick 30 second break from our sponsor,

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